Thursday, January 31, 2008

All about us

Exotic but accessible, Grand Cayman is emerging as a first-class, affordable destination wedding location, and Cayman Weddings will ensure that your wedding day is all you ever thought it would be. In business for 25 years, this family business has performed over 6500 wedding ceremonies , each as unique as the bridal couple

Founded in 1982 by Vernon Jackson, OBE, JP , Marriage Officer, Cayman Weddings was the Cayman Islands’ first wedding planning company, and now has three marriage officers on staff. Managed and now operated by his wife, Francine, a Civil Registrar of Marriages, the company offers weddings from an intimate beach setting to the glamour of Pedro St James Castle.

“Simply Weddings” a division of the company specialising in cruise weddings is managed by daughter Joy Basdeo, MBE, JP also a Civil Registrar of Marriages.. Cayman Islands law allows you to be married the same day you arrive on the island, making it a popular choice for cruise weddings.

Vernon, Francine and Joy perform over 300 marriage ceremonies per year for couples from all over the world. and they are the company of choice for residents in this very international community.

Each wedding includes all the legal requirements required by this British colony. A Registered Marriage Certificate , the legal document produced by the Government of the Cayman Islands which is valid internationally, is provided within 3 working days of the ceremony, and either mailed to you or delivered to your hotel.

Couples come from all around the world to experience the dream of a sunset wedding against the background of the turquoise water of the Caribbean sea. Other popular locations include the Queen Elizabeth Botanic Park, Pedro St James Castle, and even Hell, West Bay!

Your wedding ceremony should be as special as your love and Cayman Weddings have a variety of non-denominational, secular or spiritual ceremonies to choose from, all written by Vernon , a gentle warm-hearted man with a sense of romance that comes from 56 years of wedded bliss. Or you may choose to write your own vows, a personalised script of the ceremony is part of your package.

Champagne on the beach? Definitely. Our vendors are all professionals, in keeping with the integrity and personal attention which is the hallmark of our company. We can provide other essentials such as witnesses, photography, videography,, wedding florals including special order flowers, and delectable wedding cakes from our own baker.

Each of our weddings has the full attention of a wedding planner who is there throughout the ceremony. Your wedding planner can tell you about Caymanian wedding customs, and those extra touches which make your wedding day truly memorable. Wedding packages start at US$650. We also offer renewal, commitment and engagement ceremonies.

Visit our website at or email us at For cruise visitors email See our blog at for a light-hearted look at all things wedding-related from an experienced Caymanian wedding specialist. Credit cards accepted, deposit required to book your date and time.

Now accepting bookings through 2009.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Encore Bride

Today I did a wedding for an “encore” bride who is 23 years old. That was a bit unusual, most of my brides who are getting remarried are quite a bit older, maybe in their 40’s, 50’s or 60’s, although I once did a wedding for a bride who was 82 years old, and marrying her childhood sweetheart. That was a real love story. Engaged before World War II, they had been separated, married other people, and both spouses had subsequently died. Now they were getting married with their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren around them.

I must admit I have a soft-spot for encore brides. Whatever your circumstances, there has to be a lot of love and trust involved to take that big step a second, and sometimes a third time.

Whatever your age, a second wedding should be just as beautiful, and perhaps even more meaningful than even the first. For this reason, I use different vows and a different ceremony for my “encore” couples.

This weekend I did a beautiful encore wedding for a Scottish couple visiting Cayman. They were fortunate to be attended by a brother and sister-in-law, and to have a daughter, son-in-law and three adorable grandsons in attendance. Since I always have “wedding” bubbles for the children we had a great time with the bubbles, and the grown-ups enjoyed the “bubbly”.

The bride was resplendent in a champagne cocktail length dress, with a matching lace and feather bandeau for her hair. She carried a hand-tied bouquet of champagne and cream roses. She looked very elegant, and could be the poster-girl for my idea of an encore bride.

I think what struck me the most was the palpable sense that this couple had come full circle and were so comfortable with themselves and each other. They truly bore out the words of the ceremony which say “We celebrate today, the outward symbol of an inward union of hearts.”

Long life, health and happiness to all the encore brides out there…you deserve it, grab your happiness with both hands