Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Simple, Elegant, Residents' Grand Cayman Wedding

Now that we have had a bit of rain, our garden has begun to look a bit better. The bouganvillas are all in bloom. However most of our registry office weddings are held inside with the air-conditioner going full-blast. Today's couple were no exception,even at 9 am, it was a scorcher.

Joy with a local couple

Some of our registry office weddings are very casual, others like this one this morning, are more elegant. The bride is from Thailand, and the groom is Caymanian.

Inside our spacious office at 306 North Church Street

The limousine was a surprise for the bride, I think it's the largest one on the island. If you look behind the limousine you will see one of the cruise-ships in the harbour. We are ideally located on North Church Street (near Kirk Supermarket, in the ERA Kirkconnell Realty Building) and easy for visitors and residents to find.

Not everybody is lucky enough to get a limousine ride. You will see the Simply Weddings van
around town, especially on cruise-ship days.

Residents of the Cayman Islands must be married by Banns. Your wedding can take place 7 clear days after the Banns are published. If you want a civil (non-religious) ceremony at my Registry Office, or elsewhere in Cayman call Joy or Peggy at (345) 9499933.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Impromptu Grand Cayman Cruise Wedding was quite unusual

Today was a most unusual day for me. We had two weddings planned, one was a fairly large cruise wedding with lots of extra services, the other was a simple Registry Office wedding for a local couple. I was sitting at the Haagen Dazs cafe reading my Kindle and waiting for my bride and groom to meet me so I could get their Special Marriage License, and take them down to my office to get dressed. A woman came up to me and said something about getting married.

This couple from New Jersey, with the bride's parents and her children, got married at the Governor's Beach

At first I thought she was talking generally, and then I figured out she was saying she and her fiance wanted to get married today! Her stars must have been aligned or something, because everything just fell in place. Sometimes brides spend over a year working with us on their destination Cayman wedding, and this one just fell in place in ten minutes.

I sent the bride and groom down to the office to see Peggy and get the legal requirements done, and set off to do wedding number one, my big group from Washington DC.

Joy with the newly married pair, at Governor's Beach

In the meantime, the bride and groom returned to their ship and got the bride's parents to come and be their witnesses. They visited one of the local jewelry shops where they bought the wedding ring. They then took a taxi to the wedding location, where I was to meet them at 1 p.m.

It can't be any simpler than this, to get married on Grand Cayman

Grand Cayman Island is one of the few places on the western Caribbean cruise-ship circuit where you can be married while you are on the island for just a few hours. There is no residency requirement, no blood test. All you have to do is to have the correct documents and a Marriage Officer to do the ceremony. For this couple, due to luck and circumstances, their impromptu wedding just fell in place. In most instances I do only one cruise ship ceremony per day, particularly if the planned wedding includes a large group and many details. I do this because I dislike rushing my couples, and it is most important to me that the bride and groom enjoy their experience in the Cayman Islands.

I get many, many referrals through word of mouth, and comments my couples make on Cruise Critic and Trip Advisor. So if you are happy with the service provided by Simply Weddings, please take a moment to share your experience with your friends and co-workers and of course on your social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and MySpace. You can share this and any article on my blog by email and other sites just by clicking the "Share" button at the end of this article.

You will find me on Twitter under Joy of Weddings, and do become a fan of our Facebook page, Simply Weddings - Grand Cayman Wedding Celebrants and Planners.

To avoid disappointment in planning your Cayman Islands cruise Wedding or wedding vow renewal ceremony, call Joy or Peggy, our wedding coordinator at (345) 9499933 or email mywedding@candw.ky

We are now booking Grand Cayman cruise wedding packages and vow renewal packages through 2011.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Surprise Wedding Vow Renewal on Grand Cayman Island

We often get requests to perform a wedding vow renewal ceremony which is going to be a surprise for either the husband or the wife. This is a simple way of commemorating a very special anniversary, and creating lasting memories of an unforgettable Grand Cayman holiday.

This was a 20th anniversary vow renewal with the couple's three children in attendance

In order not to spoil the surprise, I brought the wife's flowers to the beach instead of having them delivered to the condo.

Listening to the beautiful words of the wedding vow renewal ceremony

Steel-pan music added to the ambience of the sunset ceremony

Express yourself! And they did.

Before planning your wedding, or vow renewal check with the manager of your condo to see whether they permit weddings and vow renewals on the beach. Some Cayman condos are very accommodating, some are not, and some charge a fee. Of course, we can always arrange your ceremony at one of the local free beauty spots, like Smith's Cove, Governors Beach, or Mary Molly Hydes beach.

This was one very surprised, and happy wife.

Grand Cayman is an idyllic spot for a romantic wedding, vow renewal or honeymoon. Simply Weddings - Grand Cayman specialises in simple, elegant, and personalised ceremonies suitable for couples and small groups. Call Joy or Peggy (345) 9499933 to book your Grand Cayman Island wedding or vow renewal today or email us at mywedding@candw.ky

Today's wedding services vendors: Ceremony by Joy for Simply Weddings - Grand Cayman, Trisha's Roses, Steel Attitude, Dubadah Boldeau Photography

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cayman Island Pier Wedding for Illinois Pair

When this visiting couple from Illinois came into our office to finalise the arrangements for their wedding today, they knew exactly where they wanted to be married, the pier at the westerly end of Seven Mile Beach. They had scouted out the perfect location for their wedding, and I must admit I agreed with them. No doubt about it, this location in West Bay, Grand Cayman takes your breath away, it is so beautiful even for those of us who live here.

They chose the perfect location for their Cayman beach wedding

Across the bay are all the condos and hotels which edge Seven Mile Beach, but this was a quiet and serene spot for an afternoon wedding

We had the pier to ourselves

A Cayman wedding, here is the proof!

Opening a bottle of ice-cold champagne

First drink together as husband and wife

Presentation of the champagne cork souvenir

The perfect end to a perfect day!

If you are traveling as just a couple, we can provide the two witnesses required by law. Some wedding packages like our All-inclusive package includes witnesses.

Call Joy or Peggy today to plan your own simple, elegant, personalised, Cayman Island wedding.
Many beach locations to choose from, or choose a lush garden setting or wedding gazebo. We specialise in making your destination wedding in the Cayman Islands a day to remember, call (345) 9499933 and let Simply Weddings - Grand Cayman make your island wedding dreams come true. Email mywedding@candw.ky

Monday, April 19, 2010

Showers didn't stop this Cayman Island Wedding

When I woke up and listened to the weather, the weather -man said "sunny, with a chance of showers". Peggy and I thought we had better move this cruise wedding down to Blue Water Beach, just in case. I just wanted you to know that we always have a Plan B for your Cayman wedding.

This is probably where I was saying a prayer to the weather-gods that the showers would hold up

The most handsome ring bearers I have seen for a very long time.

"These are the hands of your best friend, which are holding yours on your wedding day, as you promise to love each other for the rest of your lives..."
The "Blessing of the Hands" reading has been very popular for our Cayman weddings this month. You can select from a variety of readings for weddings, or you can bring your own song, poem or whatever you want me to use.

Our tradition says that opening the champagne is the first job a groom does as a married man. So the bride should be supportive, and let him know he did a good job.

When there are children included in the ceremony, I like to have them hunt for the cork and bring it back for me to split it and insert a Cayman coin.

Wasn't this a lovely family group?

Can you see their cruise ship across the bay?

Another one of our traditions, the groom must remove the garter with his teeth!

Thank you for choosing Simply Wedding - Grand Cayman Wedding Celebrants and Planners to organise and officiate your Cayman Islands wedding. We are the cruise wedding specialists, located less than a mile from the cruise landing. Choose our all-inclusive cruise wedding package and have us pick you up, take you to our spacious office to dress in our Bridal Room and transport you and your party to the beach location you have chosen. Email us today mywedding@candw.ky

Call Joy or Peggy at (345) 9499933 to reserve your date and time. Now booking through 2011.

Our wedding services vendors for this wedding: Trisha's Roses, Caykes, Island Photo

Friday, April 16, 2010

The Stuff Dreams of a Cayman Island Wedding are made of

You have to admire the Bride and Groom who can put together a Destination Wedding, get their family who live in different parts of the USA and sometimes a foreign country, booked on a cruise, and then arrive in George Town and have their wedding go off without a hitch, with no stress, and the satisfaction of having the family say "This was perfect, it was just what we wanted and imagined."

Of course many of these smart couples chose Simply Weddings - Grand Cayman Wedding Celebrants and Planners to ensure that their dream Cayman cruise wedding is perfect in every way. The most successful wedding day, is based on good communication, and being clear about your wishes and expectations, Peggy, our wedding coordinator takes care of all the details, and Joy, in addition to performing the ceremony will make sure you include all the traditional Caymanian wedding day traditions, and perhaps even some from your own country.

Your perfect wedding day in the Cayman Islands begins with the perfect wedding location. We can recommend the right spot for you, based on the size of your group, whether there are children included, and other details. We like this location in West Bay, known as Mary Molly Hydes Beach, at the western part of Seven Mile Beach. It is about 10 miles away from the cruise landing so you get a mini-tour of the Seven Mile Beach strip on your way. One thing about this location is that it is always quiet. Right next door is Alfresco's Restaurant if you want to stay a while longer in this pretty spot.

It was a bright, sunny day and we were happy for the shade of the sea-grape trees.

Words a groom loves to hear, "You may kiss your wife!"

No worries about the legality of your marriage, a Cayman Islands Marriage Certificate is recognised all over the world. I usually register your marriage with our public records office the same day you are married, and we send you the "Registered Marriage Certificate" which shows that you were legally married in the Cayman Islands by a licensed Marriage Officer (me!) and your marriage properly recorded.

Altogether now, jump!

A quiet 'couples' moment' after the ceremony

This couple had not told their friends they were getting married, so here's the "We did it!" shot

Married on world-famous Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman

The happy couple took time to frolic in the sand

This couple chose our most popular Cayman Wedding package, the "all-inclusive Cayman Cruise wedding" which includes all legal requirements, photography, wedding florals, champagne and transportation to and from the wedding location. This package includes pick-up near the cruise landing, and dressing facilities in our Bridal Room. You can also leave your belongings at our office and come back after to change into your street clothes.

Ask about our extended all-inclusive cruise wedding package with extra florals, wedding cake, videography, limousine, and whole-group transportation in a new, air-conditioned tour bus.

When you're happy with your Cayman Island wedding, we're happy... call to book your Destination Wedding with Cayman style from the Cayman Islands cruise wedding specialists, Simply Weddings - Grand Cayman, today (345) 949-9933.

Our wedding services vendors today: Trisha's Roses, Mari of Island Photos, champagne from Cayman Corker, and Joselene's tours.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Texans Celebrate Silver Wedding Anniversary in Grand Cayman

Today I broke my own rule of no more than one cruise wedding ceremony each day, because I really wanted to do this 25th Wedding Vow Renewal for a Texas couple.

The husband told me that this wife had really been looking forward to their anniversary cruise and wedding vow renewal ceremony. Despite the rainy, windy weather today we found a sunny spot on Seven Mile beach and the weather held up long enough for us to do the ceremony.

Beach foliage provided a lovely backdrop for this celebrating couple.

Can you see the wedding rings on the silver starfish?

Posing with their wedding vow renewal certificate.

Here's the cork from their champagne with a Cayman coin, and the date

This is a really lovely part of Seven Mile Beach, good for a romp in the sand with lots of opportunities for candid shots

Whatever anniversary you're celebrating, call Joy or Peggy to plan your wedding vow renewal ceremony, and make this a very memorable year for both of you (345) 9499933 or email mywedding@candw.ky to expolore the wedding vow renewal packages we have on order at Simply Weddings- Grand Cayman Wedding Celebrants and Planners