Sunday, May 31, 2009

Eat, drink and be Grand Cayman

Some weddings really stand out in my mind, and this was one of them. After corresponding with this Hants, UK couple by the time I met them I felt like I knew them. Visiting for two weeks and staying at Morritts, this couple wanted MSC for their wedding spot, and they were not disappointed. From the very beginning they said they wanted a white stretch limousine for the 1 hour journey from Morritts to George Town.

I liked the choice of touch of violets for the bride's hair, which were reflected in her bouquet with cream roses, and the groom's boutonniere.

Posing with Joy for the traditional proof shot.

These are my friends Judith and Bill who I invited along to act as witnesses, and also because they had never seen one of my weddings. Bill was quite a famous footballer, playing for Middlesborough.

Funnily enough, another even more famous footballer, Jack Charlton was in town this weekend, and I am hoping our newly weds got to meet him and his wife, Pat.

This couple got some excellent candid shots like this one.

We all enjoyed a couple of bottles of my famous Simply Weddings bubbly, which is very good, we all decided.

The end of a perfect wedding day in the Cayman Islands.

Here is what this couple had to say in their own words

"Thank you so much for making our wedding such a lovely experience we
been talking about it ever since.

The limo was great , your wedding service wonderful and so very
personal, the meal at Grand Old House delicious and the town car ride
back to Morritts smooth and quiet.

Having Bill and Judith as our witnesses made it really special for us
so thank you again. They have given us a book of pictures of Grand
Cayman which was a lovely thought. We did post them a card before we
left and we hope that they received it perhaps you could let them know

We look forward to the photos and we will have a look at the blog
tonight when I get back from work (I wanted to reply to you as soon as

Thank you again for making our marriage so very special. (Bride's)
birthday is in May we had our first date in May so getting married in
May was just perfect. Val loved Smith's Cove and we popped into it on
our way to the airport to say goodbye!!

We had an absolutely lovely holiday on your island and intend to
return sometime soon." MN

Ceremony by Joy for Simply Weddings, flowers by Trisha's Roses, photography by Dubadah Boldeau, limo by Grand Limousines.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Seven Mile Beach Wedding , Grand Cayman

This couple were visiting with family and friends from Washington state, and staying at Christopher Columbus condominiums on world-famous Seven Mile Beach.

The barefoot bride was given away by her father.

The proud father prepares to shake the groom's hand.

Posing with the Marriage Certificate and Joy

Seated on the beach to watch the sunset, after the ceremony

Ceremony by Joy for Simply Weddings, flowers by Tricia's Roses. Call me to arrange your own barefoot beach wedding in Grand Cayman (345)5256551 or (345) 9269933.

Cake by Vivene's Cakes this 10" vanilla cake with fresh flowers on almond icing serves 20. Add a 6", 8" or 10" cake to any package for a small charge. Find my packages at

Monday, May 25, 2009

Simply Weddings Bubbly Christened at Grand Cayman Wedding Ceremony

Last week was a Red-letter week for Simply Weddings, not the least because of the launch of our own sparkling wine. I look forward to sharing this with my clients and friends when we officially open our new George Town office at 306 North Church Street in the ERA Kirkconnell Realty building on 1st June. I will also be providing services as a Justice of the Peace, and a Notary Public.

The first couple to try the new Simply Weddings "bubbly" at their Wedding Blessing, at the Governor's Beach, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

We have a few issues with the label. but this is on the way to being solved.

Joy celebrates the launch of her Simply Weddings sparkling wine at Governors Beach last week. (photos by Eric Rodrigues)

I measured it yesterday, our new office on North Church Street is .6 mile from the Rayal Watler
cruise terminal! Not that you will be walking there (in this heat!) but my brides will soon be able to relax and get ready in our new Bride's Room.

As of 1st June, office hours are Mon - Fri 9am - 3pm (but earlier by arrangement for cruise weddings). Call us, (345)9269933 or (345) 5256551. Check out all our wedding packages at

Caymanians and residents please note that Simply Weddings also caters for the local market, but the procedures and prices are different. Residents must be married by Banns being published, and there is a 7 day publication period. Email me at for a fact sheet and application form.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

More on Special Wedding Blessing at Governor's Beach, Grand Cayman

The story about this special Cayman Wedding Blessing appears below, in my previous blog entry

Jessica's cousin Bobbi holds her bouquet just before the couple's rings are re-blessed.

This couple were the first to try my new sparkling wine with the Simply Weddings label.

I like this spot under the sea-grape trees. It is likely that many of Jessica's family through the years, enjoyed this beautiful spot next to the Governor's mansion.
This is one of the most spectacular parts of Seven Mile Beach

This is exactly the way it looks.

Photography compliments of Eric Rodriguez. Flowers by Trisha's Roses. My new sparkling wine was produced by Cayman Corker, a wine and beer-making boutique in Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman. Call me for your special wedding, wedding blessing or wedding vow renewal in the Cayman Islands (345)5256551 or (345)9269933. See my website at

Jessica & Tom's Wedding Blessing at Governor's Beach, Grand Cayman

Last week was a busy one, with two Public Holidays which included our General Election and first Referendum.

I was worried that our human interest story would get lost in all the national news, so I was glad when both the Caymanian Compass newspaper and CITN picked it up.

See the video here:

and from the Caymanian Compass, 19th May, 2009

"An Alabama woman experienced more than a wedding blessing on her short visit to Grand Cayman last week; she also stepped back in time to learn of her ancestors.

wedding blessing

Wedding blessing celebrant Joy Basdeo prays over the couples rings while witness Bobbie Parsons Murray looks on. Photo: Cliodhna Doherty

Jessica Guffey, who married her first love, Thomas, a couple of years ago, had always dreamed of visiting the Cayman Islands since childhood, when her grandmother told her about the history it held for her family.

Jessica’s great–great grandfather from her mother’s side of the family was Custos Edmumd Parsons, an important historical figure in the Cayman Islands who was chief magistrate in the latter decade of the 19th Century.

But despite her dream of getting married in the Cayman Islands, Jessica went along with family wishes for a bigger wedding at home in Alabama.

However, before making her first ever visit to Grand Cayman as a stop on a cruise ship, she came across the online blog of Joy Basdeo of Simply Weddings. Having contacted Mrs. Basdeo it was soon arranged that Mrs. Guffey and her husband would have a very special day here indeed.

In a wonderful wedding blessing, the couple reaffirmed their vows to each–other last week amidst the scenic beauty of Seven Mile Beach.

A long lost cousin of Jessica’s, Bobbie Parsons Murray, who is also a relative of Custos Edmund Parsons, served as a witness at the ceremony.

The simple but touching wedding vow renewal ceremony was conducted by Mrs. Basdeo.

A champagne toast and some photos followed on the beach.

“Great’, “wonderful” and “beautiful” were words the couple used to describe Grand Cayman.

“The photos don’t do it justice,” said Thomas.

Then it was off to the Cayman Islands’ National Archive to discover more about Jessica’s important ancestor – all arranged by Mrs. Basdeo.

Having only ever seen one photo of her great–great grandfather before, she said she was looking forward to seeing more at the National Archive.

Giving some family background, Jessica explained that her grandmother Barbara Parsons, from Alabama, had married Dudley Parsons Jr., also from Alabama.

“It’s his side that’s from here. My great grandfather was in the British Navy, but I don’t know if he was born here or not,” she said.

Mrs. Basdeo said, “The Parsons were a very well known and respected family in George Town who lived on North Church Street.”

Speaking about Mr. Edmund Parsons’ appointment to custos, Mrs Basdeo said, “It was very unusual in that he was a local person. In those days, prior to a governor, you’d have a custos who was the head honcho, the chief administrative person in the Cayman Islands, and he would have been responsible for customs, immigration and a whole slew of different things.”

Once at the National Archive, the couple learned from archivist Tricia Bodden that Edmund Parsons was appointed acting custos in 1887 and in 1888 he was appointed custos or chief magistrate at a salary of 80 pounds per annum.

He was in the role for 10 years and served as the last custos because in 1898 the role changed from custos to commissioner. The new titled role was appointed to Frederick Sanguinetti.

At the National Archive the couple were shown the Reginald Parsons collection, a genealogy of the family which goes back to 1796, in which Jessica found her own name in the listing for the family.

The National Archive staff presented the happy couple with a 1773 map of the Cayman Islands, some archival materials and the historical book He Hath Founded it Upon the Seas by Michael Craton.

The couple also planned on making a visit to Elmslie Memorial Church during their few hours on the island, as this was the local church of the Parsons family.

Asked if they planned to return again to the Cayman Islands, perhaps for longer next time, the young couple confirmed that they definitely will.

‘”I’m told the Jazz Fest is great,” said Thomas."

We actually had a further adventure after the news reporter and TV crew left. We found Custos Parsons death certificate which showed that he was buried in the Parsons private cemetery, and then we found the cemetery with his final resting place.

It was altogether an enjoyable morning for all concerned.

More pictures soon come. If you have been married less than two years I will be happy to perform a Wedding Blessing Ceremony for you at any of the fabulous beaches in the Cayman Islands. otherwise, why not do a Wedding Vow Renewal ceremony. Want something special when your cruise ship stops in Grand Cayman? Call me for your special ceremony, including one of our affordable photo-packages. Call today (345) 5256551 0r (926-9933) or email me at

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Simple Cayman Beach Wedding for Cruise Ship passengers

Together for twelve years, this Texan couple decided to tie the knot while visiting Cayman on a Carnival cruise ship, and took advantage of traveling with friends to bring them along as witnesses.

They had a short, sweet and simple ceremony, just the way they wanted it.

A special day in the Cayman Islands with a few good friends.

After getting just their feet wet, they were into their swim-suits and off to Stingray City.

Contact Joy at Simply Weddings for your beach wedding at this or any of the other beautiful spots around the George Town, Grand Cayman, harbour

Cruisers enjoy this Smith's Cove, Grand Cayman Beach Wedding

Every bride should have a picture of themselves on their wedding day, capturing the joy and excitement as seen here.

We have had an unbelievable month of May so far, as we try to accommodate those cruise couples whose wedding plans have been disrupted due to the change in ports and schedules caused by the H1N1 virus.

Here is another couple who had planned their wedding for Mexico, and ended up having it in Grand Cayman.

The two tier wedding cake serves a party of 20. Unfortunately, as I was just informed the cruise ship did not allow the group to take the boxed cake back on board the ship, because it was a "dairy" product. This tells me my cruise passengers should stick to the small 6" cakes in future, which can be consumed at the wedding site.

The wedding party poses with Joy

Hail, hail the gang's all here!

This little guy had a great time, tuxedo notwithstanding.

"I am so excited to see what the
photographer captured, it was such a beautiful day and the location was
stunning in the photos that we took.

Thank you so much for helping us out with the impromptu wedding
arrangements. In spite of all of our last minute itinerary changes the
wedding turned out beautifully." PH

Ceremony including Unity Sand Ceremony by Joy , arrangements by Peggy of Cayman Weddings/Simply Weddings your experienced cruise wedding specialists in the Cayman Islands. Photos by Mari of Island Photo, flowers by Trisha's Roses, cake by Vivene's Cakes.
Call for your own beach wedding in the Cayman Islands (345) 5256551 or (345)9269933 or visit my website

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Jewish Rituals at Cayman Beach Wedding

Sometimes I have requests from couples to include something which is of particular significance to them in their wedding ceremony. As a Civil Registrar of Marriages I am not tied to using any ceremony, so apart from the three questions I must ask you by law, the wedding ceremony can be as colourful, cultural, or flamboyant as you wish.

That being said, over the years I have accumulated many different ceremonies, so I normally have a good idea of what you might be looking for. Jewish couples would normally be married under a "chuppah" which represents a home. There are many styles of chuppah available in Cayman, most of them would have some type of fabric over the top representing a roof.


Before the pronouncement, this bride circled her groom seven times as I read the seven blessings of a Jewish wedding ceremony. After the pronouncement the groom smashed a wine glass with his foot amid cheers of Maseltov!
They also had a sand ceremony. Here are the mothers pouring the foundation of their
Memory Vase.


The colours used were aqua and purple


The ladies in waiting pose with the bride. I thought the choice of colours and choice of flowers was particularly appropriate.


This was a stunning bouquet and I wanted to include it to give my upcoming brides ideas.

Ceremony by Joy for Simply Weddings, florals by Celebrations, photography by Melissa of Better Angle Photography. This wedding p0hotographed at the Turtle Nest Inn, a boutique hotel in the beautiful and historic district of Bodden Town.

Want to get away, and escape the madding crowd? Call her email me to plan your own intimate beach wedding in the Cayman Islands (345)9269933 or (345)5256551 and email