Friday, March 28, 2008

Adam and Jasmine's Wedding

I liked this bridal bouquet, with white calla lilies, being held here by the flower-girl, who took her duties very seriously. Flowers by "Inspirations", a new flower shop recently opened in George Town.

Yesterday's wedding...Adam and Jasmine from Fredericton, New Brunswick. The weather had been a bif "iffy" but it turned out perfect, cool and calm. Photos by Fevi of Passion Photography.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Grand Cayman Wedding - Unity Sand Ceremony

This weekend I did a wedding at the Ritz Calton which included the Unity Sand Ceremony. The Sand ceremony is becoming more popular, especially for beach weddings, although this one wasn't on the beach. The Sand ceremony can be very beautiful, if it is done properly, fortunately for me this one really worked well.

Getting ready for the Sand ceremony you need to know a few things. First of all, its better not to just scoop up some sand from the beach and use that. You have to make sure the sand is clean and dry, because the whole idea is to make a nice pattern in the receiving container. I use aquarium sand which is natural, and pours well. I also recommend not using too many colours, since you ncould end up with a "brown" effect. In this wedding, the couple used white and green, their wedding colours.

There are a couple of ways to start the sand ceremony. If mothers are present, they can pour a bit of each colour into the receiving containing and say a few words, here are some words I like: "With these grains of sand, we add our blessings to this union, may it be forever happy and forever loving." Sometimes the Wedding Celebrant will pour some sand to form the base, if I do it this is where I use some Cayman sand, poured from a beautiful shell. (NB this shell was given to me by my husband of 36 years, so it has special memories for me and I am very protective of it!)

Otherwise, the couple each pours a layer of sand, separately, to represent the foundation of the marriage. The Wedding Celebrant says some words, I don't think these words should be too syrupy, or too long, and then the couple pours sand from their containers at the same time. I say to my couples, you have a whole minute to pour the sand, so go slowly. It is nice to have some music or a song while this is going on. Remember if you are doing the pouring you can't see the pattern emerging.

At this wedding the attendants got involved, saying things like " You need a bit more green, now", "Time for a bit more white" etc. This made the whole experience more fun. It also helped the couple relax, after all it's not an experiment...there's really no way you can do it wrong.

When the pouring was finished, I held up the vase so all the crowd could see the pattern, and said a few more words, and then the couple went back to their original spot for the pronouncement, and of course "the Kiss"!

People ask me when is the best time in the ceremony to do the Unity Sand Ceremony. Some people like it at the very end of the ceremony, but I don't. I think the best place is after the vows and the rings, but before the pronouncement. If you are including children,as many people do this is a way to have them around you when the pronouncement takes place, so that they are included.

Right now I am planning a Unity Sand Ceremony for a June wedding renewal which will include children. Apart from the fact that I will write the ceremony so that it is unique to this family, I am hoping to include something else like shells at the bottom of the receiving container, or something which will remind them of their special vacation in the Cayman Islands and special family event.

As a mother and grand-mother, I spend a lot of time thinking about "memory-making events". That's why I try and personalise my weddings and renewals, by using words which are authentic and have real meaning for the participants. You don't have to use the same words as everybody else, you can say the words and use the music which are special to you, and then I will give you your personalised script.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Fun Weddings in Grand Cayman

Caymanian's have a saying " My spirit took to (her)", or conversely, "My spirit didn't take to (her) meaning I liked this person (or didn't like this person) on sight. Well, when I met Fevi Yu, wedding photographer extraordinaire, my spirits took to her immediately. I felt like saying "Girl-friend, where have you been all my life?" Nevermind she is young enough to be my daughter, I love the fun weddings we do together. She has so much energy, and so many fresh ideas and her pictures are truly special as you will see below.

One of the nicest couples I have met in a long time, their wedding was as much fun for them as it was for us! This is one of my favourite spots on Seven Mile Beach.

Another great picture on the same beach!

Another couple, same beach, same day.

One of Fevi's trademark shots "The Wedding Jump!"

As you can see, I am not afraid to get my feet wet...although I kept looking at how big
the waves were getting, I didn't want to lose my favourite hat!

If you want wedding photography, ask for Fevi aka "Cayman Girl".

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Your Wedding ...Your Way

These days I'm seeing less of the very formal weddings, I guess because my cruise wedding clientele is growing. Neverthesless, from time to time I have a bride who wants to go all out with the formal wedding gown, train, veil. etc. Just because you're having a destination wedding doesn't mean you can't have the wedding of your dreams, including the gown of your dreams.

Our office is just across the street from this beach, and we have excellent facilities if you want to get dressed in our dressing room. Fortunately there is also a good hair-dresser in our building. Zulema's so you can get that upswept wedding 'do.

There's nothing like a Seven Mile Beach wedding. The sand is very clean, and pink, and yes the water does look like this. Because we are a few miles away from the capital, George Town, we don't get the crowds, so when we say a "quiet" beach, this is exactly what you'll get.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Favourite Spot (5) Natural Arch at the Governors

Oops! I forgot this was a thumbnail picture. My children enjoy my blog, and couldn't believe I had put it together on my own since I am known to be "technically challenged". I wanted to show you my favourite spot at the Governor's Beach, which is a public beach near to the Westin Hotel. Unfortunately many of the bigger hotels are now charging quite a bit to use their beach for a wedding, as an independent wedding planner we can't use hotel beaches unless we're conducting the ceremony for one of their events. Smaller hotels such as the Marriott Courtyard and the Beach Club Colony are much more accomodating since they don't have their own "in house" wedding planners.

We get around this, and save you money by using public beaches most of the time. Seven Mile Beach condos work with us, and don't charge for the use of their beach. I don't recommend this beach for Saturday or Sunday as it is packed with sun-seekers but during the week it is a good choice.

The Other Side of Grand Cayman

So far I have said nothing about weddings I perform on the other side of the island. Some of the most beautiful, and most private weddings I have done are at villas in the Cayman Kai area. The advantage here is that you get a truly private beach, once you are staying at the villa.

This was a lovely wedding in the sand-garden at one of the Villas of Cayman Kai.

Here is a set-up for a larger group wedding.

These weddings were all at villas, but I have done several weddings at the Kaibo Restaurant as well. If you don't want to get into a lot of expense, but you still want a quiet event with perhaps dinner afterwards, there is a public beach at the Kaibo which is very scenic, just over from the restaurant.

Of course my favourite spot on this side of the island is Starfish Point. I don't have any pictures of this spot right now, but it is really spectacular.

Thursday, March 13, 2008


Let our experienced professionals do the work and have the worry, below are simple packages for the two of you and sometimes a few guests…

" Choose to be married at a quiet spot on Seven Mile Beach or a tropical garden gazebo. This package includes the Governor's 'special license', all legal documentation, marriage officer and decorative marriage certificate. Includes the Registered Marriage Certificate from the Cayman Islands Government you will need when you return home. US $650.00

"Let the beauty of a quiet spot on beautiful Seven Mile Beach or a tropical garden gazebo set the background of your special day. This package includes the Governor's 'special license', all legal documentation, marriage officer, and decorative marriage certificate, tropical bridal bouquet and matching boutonniere, and one bottle of iced champagne served on a decorated table with linens, champagne glasses provided. Includes the Registered Marriage Certificate from the Cayman Islands Government you will need when you return home. US$ 825.00

"TROPICAL SPLENDOUR" Begin this momentous occasion in the surroundings of a quiet spot on Seven Mile Beach or a tropical garden gazebo. This package includes the Governor's 'special license', all legal documentation, marriage officer and decorative marriage certificate, tropical bridal bouquet and matching boutonniere, and a professional photographer who takes 36 candid photographs presenting them in a quaint album (with negatives). As you pop a bottle of iced champagne served on a decorated table with linens (champagne glasses provided) and cut your wedding cake served on a decorated table with linens, silver cake cutters, plates and silverware; revel in your new life together. Includes the Registered Marriage Certificate from the Cayman Islands Government you will need when you return home. US$1600.00

" Begin this magical evening with a drive in a stretch limousine to the venue of your choice; a quiet spot on world-famous Seven Mile Beach or a tropical garden gazebo, stroll down the isle of natural snow white sand to stand with your love under an archway decorated with flowers and enjoy the island’s natural beauty as the sun begins to set. Your deluxe package includes the Governor’s 'special license', all legal documentation, marriage officer and decorative marriage certificate, tropical bridal bouquet and matching boutonniere, a decorated table with linens, a professional photographer who takes 36 candid photographs and presents them to you in a quaint album (with negatives), a professional edited video, 2 bottles of iced champagne (champagne glasses provided) and a two-tier wedding cake served on a decorated table with silver cake cutters, plates and silverware. After it all, you return to your hotel while you reflect on a simply wondrous day. Package includes the Registered Marriage Certificate from the Cayman Islands Government which you will need when you return home. US$2650.00

Choose items from either of these packages and add
Extra flowers for the Bridal Party
Corsages or wristlets for Mothers
Boutonnieres for Fathers
Floral table arrangements
Wedding arch or chuppah with gauze panels and fresh flowers

Conch shell aisle (with or without flowers)
Fresh flowers for your cake topping

2 Tier Wedding Cake from our own baker (recommended for groups of 10 or more)
Extra champagne, sparkling cider, fruit punch or chilled bottled water
Limosine (up to 14 people) or town-car
Video of the ceremony

(Call for ‘a la carte” pricing (345) 9498677 or email weddings@ candw,ky)

Our wedding coordinator consults either by phone, e-mail, and fax or at our office to make final arrangements. A $200 deposit is required either by Visa, MasterCard, Discover card Money Orders or Travelers Cheque. Couples need to provide us with their passports, (or birth certificates along with a drivers license), their immigration card (provided once depart their ship or land on island) and a copy of their divorce decrees if either have been married before . Cruise ship passengers should take a taxi or bus to our office when they arrive on the island. Our office opens at 9:00 am local time, so you may arrive around this time. (Earlier by special arrangement) From our office, we will provide transportation to the wedding site and then back to the cruise ship port after the ceremony. Couples Staying on the island should contact us at the numbers below when they arrive.

Cayman Weddings Tel: 1- 345- 949-8677 3rd Floor, Centennial Towers

Favourite Spots (4) The Wedding Gazebo

Not even two minutes away from the beach is our wedding gazebo, a popular spot for residents. Set in my parents garden, it is an ideal spot for the more formal small wedding. Since there is no charge for the facility, it is an attractive option for many of the two hundred or so local weddings we perform each year.

With twenty-five years experience to our credit, and three marriage officers on staff, we are the company of choice for residents performing several local weddings every week.

Residents must be married by Banns, in other words there are different rules if you live on the island, and as a resident, it costs less to be married. Visitors must be married by a Special Marriage license.

If you are resident, your Banns of Marriage must be posted by your Marriage Officer for eight clear days before you can be married. As a visitor, you can be married the same day you arrive on the island.

Residents can contact us at

Favourite Spots (3) Under the Almond Trees

As a child. this was one of our favourite spots to picnic, because of the shade afforded by these almond trees. We used to pick and eat the yellow fruit, and then we would crack the dried kernels and collect the "nut" inside to make "almond brittle". As it gets hotter I find I am using this spot more, especially for small groups. Our photographers like it too because of the pier right next to it. Pier shots are a big favourite of couples, and photographers.

Of course the main focus is always the beach, which is particularly wide, clean and quiet in this area. Here I am, presenting this couple with their certified copy of their Marriage License.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Favourite Wedding Spots (2) - Smith's Cove

This photo was taken by Patrick Groleau. It's a bit of a climb to get over here, so I would only recommend it for a casual wedding...close to George Town it is ideal for a cruise wedding, but the beach can get crowded. This is a spectacular location for a sunset wedding...but no heels, brides!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Cayman Wedding ...The Kiss!

Your wedding ceremony is structured like this:

The Welcome
Words about marriage, what it means
Any objections...? (required by law)
The Question you take etc.? (required by law)
The Vows
A reading
The Ring Exchange
The Charge
The Blessing (can be non-religious)
The Pronouncement
THE KISS! (I like to say to the Groom, 'You may kiss your wife"
Signing of the Register
The Introduction of the new couple

I like to give my couples a copy of their wedding script for a souvenir. You can choose from a
variety of sample ceremonies.

Once you have booked your wedding I can send you a script, and then you can personalise it to
suit yourself and your partner.

Every wedding is different! Every wedding is special. I want to give you my full attention, which means that I only book a limited number of weddings per day. It is important to book your wedding early, especially for cruise, and sunset weddings to make sure you get the date, and time you want. I do a very limited number of Sunday weddings.

Here is my email