Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Spectacular Sunset on Seven Mile Beach

When this Groom emailed us, several months ago he especially requested my dad, Vernon Jackson do his wedding. He told us my dad had married his friend, pictured, 8 years ago and his friend had convinced him to come down to Cayman to be married.

He didn't get my dad, but he got my mom, Francine Jackson the doyenne of Cayman Weddings with over 2500 wedding ceremonies performed. My mom was raving about this wedding the next day, how much fun she had, how nice the couples were, and how spectacular the sunset was.

The photographer, Marcus Montana said that this was one of the most spectacular sunsets he had seen in his 20 years in Cayman.

You can never tell about the sunsets. This Saturday was very rainy, and at one point we all thought the wedding would have to be postponed. Yet when the sun came out it was a lovely bright afternoon, followed by an outstanding sunset. Some people are just lucky! So, y'all come back and see us again, ya hear.

Ceremony by Francine Jackson of Cayman Weddings, photography by Marcus Montana, flowers by Tricia's Roses, and the Cayman Islands best kept secret, Miss Vivene's home made vanilla cake.

Cruise Wedding with Family at Alfresco's

Alfresco's is a local restaurant with a sea-side patio I like to use with cruise weddings where there is a group of people. Usually I meet with just the couple, do the documentation for their Special License, get the license, and then take the couple to the wedding location.

It's easier with a group. when I say to the couple, tell your folks to get a taxi and meet us at Alfresco's at 10:30 am for the wedding.If the bride is dressing at our office in Centennial Towers, West bay, then I will give her a lift over to the wedding site to meet her Groom, and in this case the rest of the family.

Lovely Bride, lovely day! This bride brought her own bouquet of silk flowers to match her blue themed wedding.

My new props, two small Starfish to hold the wedding rings! Given to me by a couple whose wedding I did last week, now many other couples get to enjoy them.

These photos were taken by Margot of Picture This.

Family group pictured after the wedding.

I encourage you to be involved with planning your special day. if you want to bring the flowers, bring the cake decorations, or special memento glasses, that's fine with me. I like my couples to go over the wedding vows and make sure they're happy with them. Once you have paid your deposit to book your date and time, I will send you a ceremony and work with you to personalise it. Call or email today to book your cruise wedding or vow renewal (345)5256551, mywedding@candw.ky

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Simple Smith Cove Wedding

Smith's Cove, close to George Town Harbour is a popular spot for both local and cruise weddings. I just received these pictures from a local couple whose wedding I officiated on 8th August, 2008.

If I don't give you your Marriage Ceremony on the day, I will be happy to send it for you. Since I put a lot of thought into your ceremony, I always appreciate that you want to keep it as a souvenir of this important day.

"I give you this ring, as a token and pledge of my constant love and fidelity."

Signing the official documents which make your marriage legal. I keep one copy on my Marriage Book, and file the duplicate with our public records office, after which you can collect, or I will send it to you. Your official Marriage Certificate... is called the Registered Marriage Certificate.

This Certified Marriage Certificate is yours to keep as a record of your wedding day. It has your signatures, your witnesses signatures, and my signature and stamp. This shows that you have had an authentic marriage in the Cayman Islands. However, your Registered Marriage certificate which has the Cayman Islands Crest as a watermark, and the raised seal of the Registrar General is the document you will need to change your drivers license to reflect your married name, get a new passport etc.

The little flower-girl, no doubt dreaming of her own big day, years in the future but of interest to most little girls!

Caymanians and residents have a different process to go through if they wish to be married. They must fill out a form called Notice of Marriage, which needs to be signed and witnessed by someone in their town who has known them for more than 2 years. Then once I have interviewed them I will put up their Banns of Marriage. The Banns have to be posted for 8 days before the marriage can take place.

People say to me all the time. "I am on a work permit, what do I have to do to be married?" Once you are legally resident in the Cayman Islands and have lived here for more than 15 days then you must be married by Banns. Call me at (345) 5256551 and request an information package which I will send to you by email. Banns of Marriage are good for 3 months. Because most residents get married on Saturday, my Saturdays fill up fast, so book early.

I do a very limited number of weddings on Sunday, and have two Sunday slots...10am and 5pm.
Sunday weddings attract a supplementary charge.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Sunset Wedding for Local Communications Manager

The Westin Casuarina Resort beach was the setting for a popular local celebrity, and communications manager and her movie-star look-alike fiancee earlier this week.

The bride was escorted down the red carpet where her groom waited. Here the group listens to the wedding blessing.

"I give you this ring, as a token and pledge of my constant love and fidelity"

The newly-weds pose for a quick hug!

And the party begins... close family and friends toast the happy pair before heading off to Abacus, at Camana Bay.

Ceremony by Joy of Weddings, arrangements, decorations and florals by Celebrations Ltd. photography by Miguel Escalante, instrumentals and vocals by Devon and Karen Edie.

Unlike visitors who are married by Special Marriage License, Caymanians and residents must be married by Banns. The first step is to contact a Civil Registrar or Marriage Officer, who will interview you, do the necessary paperwork, and publish your Banns of Marriage for 8 days, after which you can be married. Residents must show their passports and proof of their immigration status (if not Caymanian) before Banns can be published. Cayman Weddings/Simply Weddings, with two Civil Registrars and one Marriage Officer on staff conducts more than 200 local resident weddings every year. Call today to book an appointment (345)949-8677 0r (345)525-6551

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Magical Seven Mile Beach Wedding

This is the story of a fun-loving Williamsberg, VA couple who like to do things differently, and the fun wedding they had last Sunday on Seven Mile Beach. Pictured above after I had snapped on the hand-cuffs. Love those hats, of course!

The sunset wedding was broadcast live to family and friends all over the USA via streaming
video provided by "Our Cayman Wedding".
I pronounce them joined together literally and figuratively!

With their witnesses, a well known local couple.

It had been a very wet and windy day, which cleared up magically as the appointed hour approached. This goes to show, that at least weather-wise, the calm often arrives on the heels of the storm.

Here is a note I received from this couple when I delivered their pictures.

"Dear Joy,
Our wedding was perfect! Everything was beautiful. Thank you for playing along with us.

We give you this knife in gratitude. And so you have a real knife to cut the corks with. Watch your fingers! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!
"R" and "A"

Many of my clients give me little tokens of appreciation for officiating at their wedding. However, the "knife" referred to above is a beautiful Winchester pocket-knife in its own little case. Perfect for making the souvenir champagne cork with the Cayman coin I have written of before. It is one of the most thoughtful presents I have ever received, and the fact that this couple remembered that I had said my husband worried about me cutting my fingers by using the cake knife, and went out and found the perfect little knife for me, makes it doubly special.
I shall treasure it always, and keep it out of airports when we go on our travels. By the way I used the knife at my wedding this morning, and I got the photographer to take a picture of it, which I will put on this article in a couple of days.

Ceremony by Joy of Weddings, arrangements by Cayman Weddings, bride's special order white bouquet from Trisha's Roses. photography by Marcus Montana.

Call or email today for your own magical wedding in the beautiful Cayman Islands. We also do Wedding Vow Renewals, 2 years and up, and Wedding Blessing Ceremonies for couples married less than 2 years. If you were married in a Registry Office and dream of glorious pictures on a Caribbean Beach call me for your meaningful, spiritual and contemporary Wedding Blessing Ceremony. Vow Renewals & Blessing Ceremonies start at $400 and include transportation and chilled champagne. Call (345) 5256551 or email mywedding@candw.ky

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Maseltov! Wedding Fun at the Governor's Beach

This Pennsylvanian couple and their wedding party staying at Morritts Tortuga arrived in style for their wedding at the Governors Beach.

A study in black and white, the beautiful bride escorted by her mother to the waters-edge ceremony

The bridal pair with bestman (holding the rings tightly) and maid -of-honour

The Bride really liked this unusual tropical bouquet.

Everybody jumped!

A toast to us, my love!

Relaxing at Royal Palms at the end of a lovely evening!

Arrangements by Simply Weddings, flowers by Trisha's Roses, photography by Luis Vallecillo.
Call me to book your Cayman Island Wedding today, (345)5256551

Small Touches Create a Memorable Cayman Wedding

This New Jersey couple staying at the Westin Casaurina Resort last week were a wedding planner's dream to work with. They knew exactly what they wanted for their Cayman Wedding, and were very involved with every aspect of the planning. As a result, their sunset wedding at Smith's Cove was very special.

Their day stated out with a photo shoot at the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park. They had come over to the Governor's Beach the day before to watch me do another wedding, and met their photographer Luis Vallecillo. This was a good opportunity for them to talk with him about their photography requirements at both locations, the Park and the Cove.

The Cove was very crowded so we had to climb far out on the rocks to get a quiet spot.

Swarovski love birds hold the wedding rings atop the cake.

The Bride and Groom brought their cake decoration from home, denrobium orchids completed this beautiful picture.

Ceremony by Joy of Weddings, arrangements by Cayman Weddings, flowers by Trisha's Roses, wedding cake by Treats Restaurant, photography by Luis Vallecillo.

Call or email me today to arrange your unforgettable wedding day in the Cayman Islands, (345)5256551 or mywedding@candw.ky

Thursday, September 18, 2008


We have a new grandson. He arrived on Tuesday 16th September, 7lbs 14 ozs. His name is Kaz. He is 19 1/2 inches long. He looks just like his dad looked 34 years ago...the most beautiful baby in the world. I am in love. love. love all over again!!!

Lots of fun weddings coming up, altogether an exciting week.


Monday, September 15, 2008

Cruisers keep it simple!

This couple, a deputy Sheriff and a firefighter from Gainesville, Florida were visiting on the Carnival Inspiration. Their wedding had to be a complete surprise for the friends and family members who were traveling with them. We had to do a little dodging around town not to bump into the others before the appointed hour.

W and K told their party to meet them at Alfresco's Restaurant in West Bay, as they were going to take them all to Hell (which is just down the road). Of course when they turned up in different clothes, everybody realised something was up.

The Groom holds the Certified Marriage certificate aloft, and catches a quick kiss after the ceremony.

These are the ones who made it! Then I put them all in a taxi to continue the celebration at Jimmy Buffet's Magaritaville, on the waterfront in George Town.

It is really very simple to "Get Married in the Cayman Islands" when you are on a cruise. The process of getting a Special Marriage License can quickly be handled by your Marriage Officer once you have arrived on the island. Be sure that your Registered Marriage Certificate is included in your wedding package, no matter how simple the arrangements. You will need this proof of the legality of your marriage when you return home.

For the wedding above, I filed their marriage with our public records office this morning, will pick up their RMC tomorow morning and it will be in the post to them the day after their wedding!

Call Simply Weddings by Joy for your Destination Cruise Wedding in the Cayman Islands (345)5256551 or email me at mywedding@candw.ky. I am currently booking weddings for 2009, book early I do only one cruise wedding per day. Deposit required to book your day and time, refund policy for your protection- a member of the Association for Wedding Professionals International.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Surprise Seven Mile Beach Renewal for Cruise Vacationer

When this cruise vacationer from Arlington, Texas contacted me to do a wedding vow renewal he emphasised that it was a surprise for his wife of 5 years. We did all the planning secretly, and even when my husband and I met them we kept up the charade of friends meeting friends.

We took them to the Governor's Beach, which right after Gustav was pristine, and also deserted.
I thought it was very thoughtful that J and his mother-in-law bought the dress his wife is wearing below, and he smuggled it on board the cruise ship and then asked her to wear it when they came ashore in Cayman. It was the perfect choice for the day and the occasion!

Joy (yes, we have the same name!) said she knew something was up, but she didn't know what even after I handed her the 'tropical' bouquet. J took her for a little walk on the beach while we set up for the ceremony and signing of the Renewal Certificate.

This is my favourite spot at the Governor's Beach, and we had it to ourselves.

A big hug from a very happy lady. After the ceremony they went off to enjoy the rest of the morning at Boatswains Beach.

This was a very special and happy occasion. I did a special reading for the couple called "Two Hearts -One Love" because I wanted them to have very happy and lasting memories of Cayman.

Two Hearts, One Love Reading
(by Carol Tanner)

Let your marriage be a potpourri of your love.
Gather each special moment as it comes, and carefully preserve it in your heart.
Savour the good times, so you will be strengthened when the clouds hide the sun.
Appreciate your togetherness, even when apart, and rejoice in your oneness.
Make time for each other; it is a wise investment in your happiness.
Treasure the uniqueness of your love,
For there is none other quite the same.
Add the spices of laughter and dreams;
They ensure a lasting quality to your love.
Replenish it often with kind words and understanding hearts.
And may every day become a beautiful memory.

Coming to Cayman as a cruise or stayover visitor? Let Simply Weddings create a lasting memory for you and your beloved. Wedding Vow renewal packages include chilled champagne and transportation and start at $400. Call Joy today (345)525-6551