Sunday, November 30, 2008

Busy Weekend for Resident Weddings

This has been a busy weekend for local weddings, from a group of forty for a morning wedding at Smith's Cove, to a group of four at the Botannic Park, residents have a variety of locales to choose from.

This shot above was taken at the Gazebo which overlooks the lily-pond at the Queen Elizabeth II Botannic Park. This is a popular spot for small resident weddings, there had been another one there on Saturday morning.

Sunday afternoon saw two more local weddings, one at the beach and the other at the couple's apartment. I don't actively promote the fact that I do Sunday weddings, when most local Marriage Officers don't. The fact is, many couples, especially those who work in the hospitality industry prefer to be married on Sunday, and I try to accommodate them.

Another popular spot for locals is Dart's Park. Now that I am getting more adept with my little camera I am going to try and get some Dart's Park shots.

Local couples, whether Caymanian or otherwise are reminded they must be married by Banns and the Banns must be published for 7 clear days before the ceremony can be performed. Bookings for weekends tend to fill up quickly, so book early to avoid disappointment. Call me at (345)525-6551 or (345)9269933. Look for my big blue van with the Simply Weddings logo around town once you email me at I will send you all the relevant forms and information.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Deserted Beach Wedding for Alabama Couple

This couple, a graphic artist and graphic designer from Alabama had originally planned a wedding on Owen Island, a small deserted cay off Little Cayman. Of course the passage of Hurricane Paloma put paid to this plan and they ended up staying at Villa Azure in beautiful Cayman Kai. They found this quiet spot right down the beach from their villa.

Such a beautiful bride. My little camera hardly does her justice.

The bride assembled her bouquet from beach blooms gathered near their villa.

We did it shot. Send me some more photos, I know you got some good ones and most of mine didn't come out. My hat is fine, after getting blown off into the sea. It was a very windy day, today, this beach appeared quite protected as we could see white-caps on the other side. Coincidentally, one of the witnesses Elizabeth was also celebrating her 6th wedding anniversary today.

Signature Gardens Hosts First Wedding

I discovered this remarkable wedding location which is off the Linford Pierson Highway a few weeks ago and was able to recommend it to this local couple as an ideal spot for their Saturday afternoon wedding.
The bride wore a white lengha threaded with silver, and the traditional Indian wedding jewelry.

The bride poses with her Maid-of-Honour, also in Indian dress

The ceremony took place in the decorated gazebo under a floral arch.

One interesting feature of Signature Gardens is the little bridge and archway.

The happy couple poses with the family group.

Ceremony by Joy of Weddings, arrangements by Signature Gardens, flowers by Party Mart, photography by Luis Vallecillo. Call me for your local wedding ceremony today, 5256551/9269933,

Champion House Restaurant is a Cool Wedding Spot

This couple who are residents, from Honduras selected Champion House Restaurant in George Town for their intimate wedding ceremony and dinner yesterday. The private room they selected was perfect for a short but meaningful ceremony before a few good friends.

The arrangements for residents to be married are quite different as residents, whether Caymanian or from another country have to be married by Banns. The Banns have to be published in a public place (not in the newspapers!) for 7 full days before the wedding can take place. In order for the wedding to take place couples must file a Notice of Marriage. Every Notice of Marriage must be signed by two witnesses who have known the couple for at least two years and/or who can attest to the correctness of the information on the Notice.
Call or email me for a free FAQ sheet on resident marriages in the Cayman Islands.
My "Harmony" couple from Illinois please note my new red hat as promised. I am truly blessed to meet so many fine couples from all over the world. I hope I help you to have happy memories of your wedding day in the Cayman Islands. For your own happy memories of a simpe, elegant, personalised wedding call Joy at (345) 5256551 0r (345) 926-9933.

Smoothing True Love's Path at My Secret Cove

This was a most unusual occurrence, a genuine walk-in wedding. I was at home having my new kitchen cupboards fitted, when I got the call around noon from the Reef Resort in East End to say they had a couple who wanted to be married. Since I had only one wedding slot left for the day I told them to come on down to my house and I would make it happen around 3 p.m. Now considering that the Reef is an hour away, and they had to come to George Town by taxi, this was cutting it close, but nevertheless I thought we could get the application for the Special Marriage License in by 3 p.m. when the government office closed for the weekend.

So along came this lovely couple from Oregan, Groom is a police-man ( I have a soft spot for policeman, and some of the best weddings I have ever conducted have been for policemen eg Maniacs, and Glorious) Bride is a Court Officer. When I heard their story I was even more keen to do their wedding.
Can you imagine the Bride shipped her wedding dress by courier, and almost two weeks later it still had not arrived! Since this couple arrived on 8 November which was literally in the middle of Hurricane Paloma, I can understand (a bit) how the dress went astray. Anyway the Bride bought her outfit in the hotel's gift-shop and the hotel sent out an SOS to yours truly to make it happen before their Sunday a.m. departure.

I thought the best thing I could do was to take them to My Secret Cove, which as you know is a very special spot, and I haven't used it for some time.

Well and truly married, and here's the certificate to prove it!

Sealed with a kiss! I don't think this couple will forget what turned out to be a quite adventurous wedding day.

Plan your own wedding adventure, you provide the magic, I'll do the rest. Call me at (345)5256551 or (345) 926-9933 or email

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Where Dreams Come True...and Love and Harmony meet.

By the time I met this couple from Schaumberg, Illinois I felt that they were friends. Here is the lovely bride posing next to my van (with it's new sign!) while I went in to the government office to apply for their Special Marriage License.

After planning this wedding for months, both the couple and I were worried about the after effects of Hurricane Paloma. Fortunately Seven Mile Beach was not affected and 11 November was perfect "wedding weather".

The couple had friends photograph their wedding, and they got some great shots like this one on the beach wall at Mary Molly Hydes Road.

The Ceremony included a Unity Sand Ceremony. I loved this Sand Ceremony set which they brought with them, it was definitely the nicest one I had seen.

Can you believe it, this couple bought me a new hat! I will post a picture soon, but I can tell you know it is red with black trim (Italian wool!) Looks very smart, I am wearing it this weekend for sure.

This bride made her own bouquet of silk roses, colour co-ordinating it to her dress. She also brought the cutest cake-topper with a little bride and groom building a sand-castle.

Here is the note I received from this lovely couple, in their own words:

"Dear Joy,
We just can't thank you enough for everything you have done to bring us to this day. From the endless info on your blog to your emails, even when on vacation, WOW!! We firmly believe that everything happens for a reason, and working with you has been a true gift.

Please use this money and buy a new hat. When you wear it, smile and think of the many times you made us smile during this process.

With the utmost appreciation,

J & C"

You too can have all the special touches in your wedding that you always dreamed of. I am happy to work with you, within your budget to create your memorable wedding day in the Cayman Islands. Call me today at (345)5256551 or email me

I will send you an application form, details of the $200 deposit you need to book your date and time and begin working with you to customise your ceremony.

This wedding, ceremony by Joy of Weddings, arrangements by Simply Weddings, flowers by bride, photography supplied, cake by Miss Vivene's cakes.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

British couple get more than they bargained for!

This couple from Herts, UK flew in to spend some time with friends, and to celebrate their new life together as husband and wife. They didn't plan to find themselves in the middle of Hurricane
Paloma. However, they were good sports and didn't mind a few raindrops at their Smith's Cove

Stunning all roses Bridal bouquet was from Celebrations.

This was a very quick ceremony, but they had time for the all-important photos with Luis

Being Brits they came prepared with their brollies!

The party continued at one of Cayman's top restaurants, the Grand Old House

Just had to find an excuse to show you my new sign. Stake out your Cayman Wedding today!

Cayman Sand Between Their Toes!

This couple from Manalapan, NJ were staying at the Ritz Carlton and planned their wedding for a Tuesday morning at 10 am. Unfortunately, bad weather which was part of Hurricane Paloma came in and the wedding had to be postponed for two days.

One advantage of the wet weather was that at 9 am in the morning we had Smith's Cove to ourselves.
Fooling around on the rocks, and playing for the camera

"Rocks in your wedding, no rocks in your marriage." (quote from Joy)

Proof shot!

Arrangements by Simply Weddings, special order bouquet from Trisha's Roses, photography by Sarah, Cayman People Pics.

Caymanians have a saying that once you have put your toes in Cayman sand you will always return to the islands. This couple had their Cayman honeymoon cut short because of preparations for a hurricane, so I hope they come back and really see the islands.

Call or email today to plan your own Cayman Beach Wedding, (345)5256551/(345)9269933 and

Monday, November 10, 2008

Grand Cayman is Fine! Cayman Brac not so lucky.

This couple had planned a big wedding for today but had to postpone, so they did the legal part in my garden and will have the Wedding Blessing in two weeks time when I get back from my trip.

Dear Friends,

Thanks for your emails etc. We are all fine in Grand Cayman. I took the grand-kids out this morning and checked George Town and all the beaches I use for my weddings. George Town is fine, shops are open, at least one cruise ship is in the harbour, the sun is shining. I went to see the beaches, Smith's Cove, Governor's and Blue Water and everything is good and the beach crews haven't even been out to sweep them yet.

I am doing a wedding today in my garden, and I anticipate it is going to be sunny and not too hot. I have a cruise wedding tomorrow at Blue Water for a couple plus a small group and I am expecting it to be a beautiful day.

I am saddened to say that our sister island of Cayman Brac has been hit very hard with 90% of roofs sustaining damage. Ironically Hurricane Paloma hit Cayman Brac 76 years to the day after the 1932 hurricane in which 0ver 110 people died. Fortunately there has been no loss of life this time and I have not heard of injury. We continue to pray for all our family and friends in Cayman Brac and Little Cayman. The people of Grand Cayman are rallying round to send supplies, man power and money to help. We expect that many of the 1200 people in Cayman Brac will move to Grand Cayman to stay with friends and family at least temporarily.

I am hoping to post two weddings I did the day before Hurricane Paloma, tomorrow.

I will be off island for one week starting November 12. You can still reach me at or call me at (345)525-6551 / (345) 926-9933.



Thursday, November 6, 2008

Scottsdale Couple Make the Most of a Grand Cayman Wedding!

This Scottsdale AZ. couple were staying at Morritts Tortuga with their good friends, but picked Blue Water Beach for their sunset wedding. Unfortunately, we have been having a lot of wet, blustery weather and the sun did not make an appearance. Nonetheless, their happy smiles lit up the overcast sky, and we made the most of what little light there was to get the ceremony done, and even some fun shots.
Always great to have your good friend along as Matron of Honour!

Holding tight as the champagne cork gets set to fly.

And here's to you, Mr and Mrs Elmer!

Thanks to the rain, the beach and sea were deserted for this post-ceremony stroll.

This was the first time I used my new Wedding sign - it says "Wedding Today" and I use it to reserve our spot on the beach if we're using a public beach.

Ceremony by Joy of Weddings, arrangements by Cayman Weddings, flowers by Trisha's Roses, photography by Marcus Montana. Call me to reserve YOUR wedding in Grand Cayman today