Monday, July 26, 2010

Cayman Vow Renewal for Texan Family

This couple from Flower Mound, Texas were in town recently, to celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary. Staying at the Ritz Carlton with their two teenage children, they chose a sunset vow renewal ceremony at Governor's Beach, Grand Cayman.

It was their actual wedding anniversary

Both teenagers took part in the vow renewal ceremony

Seen here with their Wedding Renewal Certificate, children and Rev. Harold Paramlall

Having spent their 10th wedding anniversary at the Chandon vineyards, CA they enjoyed the Chandon Rose provided for their toasts

Most couples like to pose "under the coconut tree, darlin' "

This is a lovely part of Seven Mile Beach, and is virtually deserted on a weekday evening

Watching the sun go down, at the end of a perfect Cayman anniversary

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Friday, July 16, 2010

Pensacola Wedding Pair Choose Cayman's Turquoise Water

This young couple from Florida's Gold Coast were in town on a cruise and chose to be married at Governor's Beach, Grand Cayman earlier this week. The bride told me she wanted a spot with turquoise water, and she certainly got her wish at this pretty spot.

With Joy and their Certificate after the ceremony

Their All-inclusive wedding package included sparkling cider for the bride's daughter

Cayman's pristine beaches are blessed with an outstanding colour palette

Family group on this wide, clean beach with a back-drop of cruise ships

Just look at the size of these trees which circle this beach

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Photos by Mari of Island Photos and flowers by Trisha's Roses.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Grand Cayman's Newest Visitor Attraction

Yesterday was quite a busy day, so I got off to an early start with this Georgia couple who came in on a cruise-ship, Grandeur of the Seas. It was early enough that Smith's Cove was virtually deserted, so they had their choice of spots for their Cayman wedding.

Posing with Joy and their Marriage Certificate

While I was setting up, I saw another couple getting out of a taxi at the entrance to the park. I said "Good Morning..." and shared a few pleasantries, enough to find out they were also off the Grandeur of the Seas, and also from Georgia.

So, I said, "Oh, you're in luck, because you'll get to see a wedding, and the couple getting married are also from Georgia." Whereupon, one of the couple said to me, " We know who you are, we saw all about you and your weddings on the internet, and when we decided to come to Smith's Cove we hoped we would see you doing a wedding."

Wow! The power of the internet. I never thought I would become a Cayman tourist attraction!!

A gorgeous day for a gorgeous couple!

Here's the 'We did it!' shot, Smith's Cove, Grand Cayman

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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Why a Grand Cayman Wedding Vow Renewal is a Good Idea

The weekend squalls had blown through, and today dawned crisp and bright for this Georgia couple's wedding vow renewal at My Secret Cove. They had been to Grand Cayman on a cruise before, and picked it to be the location for their special ceremony.

Our wedding vow renewal ceremony includes the Renewal Certificate, ceremony and chilled champagne served on the beach.

Married 23 years, with three sons, today was about them

I am always happy for the shade MSC provides on these summer days

Across the street is one of Grand Cayman's more famous residences

My clients really like the scenic beauty of Smith Cove's rocks

Sometimes I have sunset weddings up on this promontory

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Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Best of a Grand Cayman Cruise Wedding

It has been a very rainy week in Grand Cayman, but fortunately for this group from Louisiana the rain held off, and we were able to have near perfect weather conditions for their wedding.

One of the props, a starfish held the rings

This is such a perfect spot for a cruise wedding

Smith's Cove was deserted, so the photographer, Mari took full advantage of the variety of shots that she could achieve after the wedding ceremony was over.

The Groom was a good sport

What's a romantic Caribbean wedding without a palm tree?

Here are the ladies

Here are the guys

Here is the whole group

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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Why Grand Cayman is Perfect for Your Summer Cruise Wedding

School's out, and I see it reflected in how many weddings with kids included I've been doing recently. This family from Tulsa, Oklahoma were visiting Grand Cayman on a cruise-ship today with their four children and I took them to My Secret Cove for a simple, intimate and romantic ceremony.

The children listen attentively to the words of the ceremony

My Secret Cove is less than 2 miles from the cruise-ship landing, in George Town

I did the ceremony shortly after 9:30 am which gave the family lots of time to explore our capital city, and maybe even take a quick run down to "Hell" to get their post-cards stamped, "Hell. Grand Cayman". Since you are not usually due back on the ship until 3pm, you have lots of time for a shore-based activity, either on your own or as part of a pre-booked tour.

"You may give your wife a big hug and a kiss"

While none of the kids were old enough to be an official "witness", if you let us know, we can provide the two witnesses over 18 years of age which is required by law.

This is the "proof" shot to share with all their friends

Don't you just love how they were all colour coordinated?

The kids enjoyed looking for crabs and other sea-creatures in among the rocks

Simply Weddings - Grand Cayman Wedding Celebrants and Planners are kid- friendly. We look for ways to involve children in the ceremony if this is something the child and parents are comfortable with.

Here are the Top Five Reasons to Chose Us for your Cayman Summer Wedding
  1. We provide transportation for most wedding and vow renewal packages
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