Thursday, July 15, 2010

Grand Cayman's Newest Visitor Attraction

Yesterday was quite a busy day, so I got off to an early start with this Georgia couple who came in on a cruise-ship, Grandeur of the Seas. It was early enough that Smith's Cove was virtually deserted, so they had their choice of spots for their Cayman wedding.

Posing with Joy and their Marriage Certificate

While I was setting up, I saw another couple getting out of a taxi at the entrance to the park. I said "Good Morning..." and shared a few pleasantries, enough to find out they were also off the Grandeur of the Seas, and also from Georgia.

So, I said, "Oh, you're in luck, because you'll get to see a wedding, and the couple getting married are also from Georgia." Whereupon, one of the couple said to me, " We know who you are, we saw all about you and your weddings on the internet, and when we decided to come to Smith's Cove we hoped we would see you doing a wedding."

Wow! The power of the internet. I never thought I would become a Cayman tourist attraction!!

A gorgeous day for a gorgeous couple!

Here's the 'We did it!' shot, Smith's Cove, Grand Cayman

If you want to see lots of pictures of Grand Cayman weddings, you can check this out on Flick'r.
Of course you can also check out my Facebook pages, Simply Weddings-Grand Cayman and Grand Cayman Beach Weddings.

And big news, my new website is on it's way which will make it very easy to get in touch with Joy and Peggy (13459499933) and see what's happening at Simply Weddings- Grand Cayman Wedding Celebrants and Planners.

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