Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Grand Cayman Wedding Blessing for Indiana Couple & family

Thanks to this couple from Greenfield, Indiana for sending me some pictures of their Wedding Blessing held in Grand Cayman last week. I am always happy to feature your wedding on this blog, and if I don't have the pictures, and you send me some, then I really appreciate it.

I like this shot with the cruise-ships lined up in George Town harbour

This couple have been married for 9 months and took the opportunity of their recent cruise, accompanied by family members, to have a Wedding Blessing Ceremony here in Grand Cayman.
I will do a Wedding Blessing Ceremony for couples who have been married two years or less, if married longer then I usually do a Wedding Vow Renewal ceremony.

A Wedding Blessing Ceremony has virtually the same structure as a wedding ceremony, including readings, and a blessing if you would like one. Some couples chose non-traditional blessings suck as the Cherokee Wedding Blessing, or the Apache Wedding Blessing while some couples just ask for a prayer.

The bride's daughter is wearing a pendant and chain which her new step-father presented to her during a special part of the ceremony.

One of the things I enjoy about my practice as a Civil Registrar of Marriages is the opportunity to be creative, and to allow couples to personalize their wedding, wedding blessing or vow renewal in ways that reflect what is important to them. In this ceremony, the Groom also made certain promises to the Bride's daughter, including her in their special day and setting the tone for the creation of this new family. This little girl is likely to carry a very happy memory of this day into her own life, and her future relationships.

Posing with the whole group

It is becoming very popular to make your cruise wedding, wedding blessing or vow renewal a family affair by including family members who can share in the fun, and also sign as witnesses.
Both a Wedding Blessing and a Vow Renewal include a decorative certificate we give to you as a souvenir. However, since this is not a legal certificate, a child can sign as a witness.

Posed shot on Governor's Beach, Grand Cayman

Grand Cayman is a popular stop for cruise-ships in the Western Caribbean. As one of the easiest ports to be married in (you can be married the same day you arrive) it is becoming very popular for cruise-ship weddings on our beautiful beaches.

My family has been officiating weddings in Cayman for more than 26 years, both my mother and father are Marriage Officers. Simply Weddings, is an independent Caymanian owned and operated company specializing in cruise, stayover and resident weddings in the Cayman Islands. We are a member of the Association for Wedding Professionals International and we work to their Code of Ethics. Please contact us on our Facebook pages, " Grand Cayman Beach Weddings" or "Simply Weddings - Grand Cayman Wedding Celebrants and Planners" or see our Grand Cayman Wedding Packages here

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Saturday, June 26, 2010

West Virginia Cruisers Enjoy Cayman Beach Wedding

Last week I did several weddings which included children, as this one did. This couple from West Virginia, traveling on a cruise with the bride's daughter wanted an all inclusive wedding package and sand ceremony which reflected the beginning of a new family.

It was hot & humid and we did most of the wedding ceremony in the shade

The finished Memory Vase had the daughter's white sand in the middle of the vase, to represent her central place in the family.

Posing with Joy and their Marriage Certificate at My Secret Cove

A posed shot on the little beach at Smith's Cove

This beautiful spot is less than 2 miles from the cruise-ship terminal

This is a favourite spot for a Cayman Destination Wedding

Pick your own favourite spot to be married in the Cayman Islands and call Joy or Peggy at 13459499933 to book your Cayman Wedding day. See us on Facebook under Grand Cayman Beach Weddings and Simply Weddings - Grand Cayman Wedding Celebrants and Planners

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Very Special Wedding Vow Renewal, the Wharf, Grand Cayman

By the time I met the lady below, I felt like I knew her, since we have been corresponding for over a year about her wedding anniversary and vow renewal in the Cayman Islands. Since she and her family had vacationed jn Cayman before, she knew she wanted the ceremony at the Wharf's private beach, followed by dinner and cake cutting for herself and her husband of 39 years as well as their two daughters.

The little gazebo at the Wharf was a perfect intimate spot for the festivities following the ceremony

Both daughters did readings as part of the ceremony

The whole family took part in creating this Memory Vase, a tangible reminder of this special family occasion

You can add a souvenir of your trip to the top of the Memory Vase, in this case I gave them a small starfish.

A cake-cutting ceremony adds a special touch, especially when captured by the camera

Posing with their Vow Renewal Certificate and the whole group.

Little touches co-ordinated by Peggy of Simply Weddings made this a memorable event.

Trisha's Roses did an outstanding job on the flowers for the occasion

Photography by Dubadah Boldeau. Call Joy or Peggy at 13459499933 to arrange your wedding vow renewal on one of the beautiful beaches of the Cayman Islands. When you are looking for a simple, elegant, personalised event Simply Weddings- Grand Cayman Wedding Celebrants and Planners is your first choice.

Grand Cayman Beach Wedding Dazzles for Missouri Newly-Weds

The bride's mother lives and works in Cayman, so this wedding was in the planning for over a year. We liked how the couple personalised their wedding ceremony, and will incorporate some of the changes to our standard vows which hundreds of couples chose every year.

The wedding guests listen attentively to the words of the ceremony

A special request was to stand in the water while the ceremony took place.

The little coves around George Town can be ideal wedding spots

"You may kiss your wife!"

We did it!

This unusual shot was my personal favourite.

Whether you do the wedding coordination yourself, or choose Simply Weddings for the coordination, wedding services and wedding ceremony we will work with you to deliver reliable, elegant wedding services which will keep your wedding day stress-free.

These beautiful photographs were taken by Fevi Yu, you can find her on Facebook

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Second Time Around Grand Cayman Wedding for Grand Prairie Tx. Couple

Even before I went to pick up this couple from Texas who were getting married in Cayman today, I was making plans in my head for what we would do if it was raining. There is a tropical wave in our area, and the last few days have been quite rainy. Fortunately for us, the rain hasn't come until mid-day and we managed to get all our weddings done, since we try to do them as early as possible after the Cayman marriage bureau opens and we can get the couple's Special Marriage License.

This couple from Grand Prairie, Texas came in on a Carnival cruise for their simple Cayman wedding

We gave them a choice, and they chose My Secret Cove, (good choice!)

This couple were marrying each other for the second time.

Your Cayman wedding can be as simple as this one was

The Groom is a full-blooded Seneca Indian and to honour his heritage the Bride picked the Cherokee Prayer as a blessing. Remember you can personalise your Cayman wedding ceremony with a poem, song or reading of your choice, or ask us to see our extensive list of wedding readings from many different sources, and cultures.

After the wedding, the happy pair are ready to relax and enjoy Grand Cayman, especially the beautiful beaches with their sparkling pink sand, and the clear azure water.

A quiet moment captured before they go off to enjoy picturesque George Town, the capital of the Cayman Islands.

This couple were traveling alone, so we provided both transport and witnesses for their no-frills wedding. Ask about additional services you may want added to your Cayman wedding package.
Call Joy or Peggy (13459499933) to book your own simple Cayman Wedding, and visit us on Facebook at Grand Cayman Beach Weddings and Simply Weddings- Grand Cayman Wedding Celebrants and Planners more more pictures from the weddings we celebrate every week.
Cayman cruise weddings and vow renewals are our speciality.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Tropical Spendour of a Cayman Beach Wedding

This Indiana couple were here as stay-over guests at the Ritz Carlton and chose Mary Molly Hydes beach for their morning wedding ceremony.

The "Cord of Three Strands" ceremony indicates that God will have a central place in the marriage

The Groom holds the cords which are attached to a ring, and the Bride completes and fastens the braid.

This was such a happy couple, they made everyone around them happy too.

This couple opted for non-alcoholic grapejuice, but we got them the kind with a cork so I could do the cork ceremony for them.

There are a lot of kissing pictures in their wedding photographs

Big hug for the Maid of Honour

This was a good time of morning for great pictures, and it was a beautiful Cayman wedding day

I liked the slippers, so I wanted to show them to you

Romantic beach weddings are what Simply Weddings - Grand Cayman does best. We are the Cayman Islands' leading wedding specialists with hundreds of satisfied customers. If a Cayman beach wedding is in your future, or if you just want to ask us questions about how it works, visit us on Facebook at Grand Cayman Beach Weddings, see our page Simply Weddings- Grand Cayman and send us a message (free of cost!) or call us 1345-9499933 or text us 13455256551.
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Monday, June 14, 2010

Imagine Your Cayman Garden Wedding here

Today was a public holiday in the Cayman Islands, and I spent the morning checking out the newest wedding location in Grand Cayman.

The Wedding Gazebo

One of the newest, and most delightful settings for your island wedding is Cayman Garden Weddings, located in the Prospect residential area, on the outskirts of George Town. This beautiful tropical garden is the creation of Vinnette Glidden who developed the garden at her residence for her own enjoyment. She opened it to the public for weddings and other events after hosting a few weddings for family and friends, and so the idea of Cayman Garden Weddings was born!

Joy and Vinnette enjoying a shady spot in this lovely garden

The garden is ideal for an intimate wedding with just a simple ceremony and short photo shoot, or a large wedding followed by a reception. The location can easily accommodate up to 200 persons for a poolside reception, or courtyard cocktails.

The courtyard with the rustic cottage as a back-drop, buffet set-up under the canopy

The courtyard is large enough to set up a serving area

A larger wedding took place on the lawn

There are many interesting features throughout the garden, which will provide interesting photography backdrops, these include a wishing well, swing, decked and tiled area, and of course the mature trees and flowerbeds. Chuppahs, arches, and other wedding props are available for rent.

One of several water features which add to the overall ambience of the garden

You can rent the venue and do everything yourself, or Cayman Garden Weddings will coordinate the wedding for you. You can find Cayman Garden Weddings on Facebook.

For your ceremony here, or at any of the other beautiful wedding locations in Grand Cayman call Joy or Peggy (1345-9499933), visit our website here or check us out on Facebook under Simply Weddings - Grand Cayman or Grand Cayman Beach Weddings.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Tiki Beach Grand Cayman hosts its first wedding

Tiki Beach is Grand Cayman's newest ocean-side restaurant and bar. It opened on 29 May 2010, to much fanfare and its private cabanas, and other upscale features are proving popular with visitors and locals alike. Today I officiated Tiki Beach's first wedding, and I can see that it is soon going to be THE place for romantic beach weddings in Grand Cayman, especially for groups of either visitors or residents.

Taken from one of the terraces at Tiki Beach, over looking world famous Seven Mile Beach

I have always liked this particular part of Seven Mile Beach because it has a shallow, protected lagoon which makes it perfect for small children, or less-adventurous swimmers.

The bridal chuppah was set up on the beach, so the bride can make a grand entrance

The reception was held under one of several canopies over-looking the water

The Bride and Groom pose with their attendants

I like the fact that there is a lot of shade. This is really a perfect spot for an afternoon or sunset wedding. If you're just hanging out, there are lots of beach chairs, umbrellas and cabanas for rent. You can also sit around the huge bar in the middle of the restaurant which overlooks West Bay Road. The icing on the cake, for us locals, valet parking so you don't have to cross four lanes to get to the beach.

If you think Tiki Beach sounds like your place you can find them on Facebook under Tiki Beach, Grand Cayman for lots more pictures. If you'd like to talk about having your wedding there, call Joy or Peggy at 13459499933 and don't forget you can see many more beach weddings on Facebook at Grand Cayman Beach Weddings.