Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Happy Easter from your Cayman Islands wedding planners

Someone asked me today if I had lots of Easter weddings, and they were surprised I said we were closed for Easter. Yes, we are closed for the 4 day weekend from Good Friday to Easter Monday. We do the vast majority of our wedding ceremonies on the beautiful beaches of the Cayman Islands. Unless you live in Cayman, you can't understand the phenomena that is Easter weekend.
My Secret Cove

During the long Easter weekend, the residents of the Cayman Islands go camping along the beaches. It means every square foot of this gorgeous pink sand will be covered with tents, tarpaulins and sleeping bags. There will be barbecue grills, and bonfires going, fishing lines in the water, everyone who has a boat will be launching it and going to Stingray City. There will be powerboat races, and water-craft races, Easter-egg hunts, domino tournaments and lots of music. It is a time for people to bring their families and relax and enjoy the wonders of the islands where we live.

The water around the Cayman Islands is crystal clear, and clean, making it ideal for diving, snorkelling or just playing around in the water.

The cruise ships anchored off Hogsty Bay can be seen from Seven Mile Beach. This shot was taken from Mary Molly Hydes beach in West Bay.

There are many little coves along the shore-line which can become intimate spots for a quiet beach wedding.

Taken from one of the condos along Seven Mile Beach

The very popular wedding spot, Smith's Cove

Sunset off Seven Mile Beach

There are several sunset dinner cruises you can take following your ceremony, or you can have your wedding performed on a boat.

Sunset off Cayman Brac, one of our two sister islands

Sunset over the North Sound, we were coming back by boat from a wedding at Cayman Kai

Night falls, taken from the Cayman Castle in East End, Grand Cayman

I hope you have enjoyed these pictures of some of the most beautiful parts of the Cayman Is. We want you to enjoy Cayman at its best, and we also respect our residents right to enjoy a traditional Caymanian Easter at the beach. We'll be back next week with lots of weddings, and until then, have a safe and Happy Easter from Joy and Peggy at Simply Weddings - Grand Cayman Wedding Celebrants and Planners. Call us at (345) 9499933 or email us at to celebrate your Cayman wedding.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Sunday Cayman Wedding for this Texas Pair

I don't do a lot of Sunday weddings for visitors, but sometimes a couple doesn't arrive on island until Saturday and then if they're only staying for the weekend, they want to be married on Sunday. Of course the government office which issues the Special Marriage License is closed on the weekend so we have to make special arrangements.

This Texas couple were staying at the Grand Cayman Beach Suites and wanted to be married at My Secret Cove. I went with some trepidation, since MSC is not so secret anymore, especially on the weekends, but it worked out fine.

Many of my couples will be familiar with this idyllic spot

Posing with their Certified Marriage Certificate

This was one of the most gorgeous wedding dresses I had seen for some time

I liked what Melissa did with this shot, nestling the wedding rings in a red ginger -lily in the bride's bouquet

The couple arranged their own extended photography session with Melissa Wolfe of Better Angle Photography, so they got photos at different venues.

I wanted to put the reading they selected for their wedding, because it is so beautiful.

Taken from poems by Denise Braxton Brown and Peggy Wrightsman

"Let’s grow old together, beginning with today. Let’s work slowly with each other and build a relationship that we can both enjoy being a part of. Let’s share love and understanding that neither of us is perfect; we both subject to human frailties. Let’s hold each other close and whisper through the night, pledging our love, honouring our commitment. Let’s encourage each other to pursue our dreams, even when we’re weary from trying. Let’s expect the best that we both have to give and still love when we fall short of our expectations. Let’s be friends and respect each other’s individual personality and give one another room to grow. Let’s be candid with each other and point out strengths and weaknesses. Let’s understand each other’s personal philosophy, even if we don’t agree. Let’s lie awake long into the night sharing our innermost secrets. Let’s be friends as well as lovers. Let’s laugh at time and plan with each other and wonder how we ever got along without this love we’ve found. Let’s never take for granted these moments that we’ve shared, but always be reminded of how intensely we have learned to live, how completely we have learned to love. Let’s grow old together and look back on life and smile."

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Family Wedding Vow Renewal for New Yorkers in Cayman

When I learned that this husband had ordered special flowers for his wife and daughters, I realised this was going to be a very special wedding vow renewal. I asked Dubadah Boldeau to be their photographer since she is very good with children, and her images are outstanding.

This New York couple were on a repeat visit to Cayman, staying at the Westin with their four children and in-laws. They walked over to Governor's Beach for their sunset vow renewal.

These special order flowers were a hit

This couple wrote their own very moving renewal vows

With cake, champagne, and sparkling grape-juice for the children, we had a real party going on the beach

I have to say how impressed I was with all four of these children. They were all very well-mannerd, played well together and were all together a pleasure to be around.

Everybody got to sign the Certificate of Vow Renewal, even the 4 year old.

Here is the very special certificate, I hope it will be a tangible reminder of a great vacation in the Cayman Islands for this couple and their family.

And to cap it off, they got a spectacular sunset!

Our vow renewal packages are surprisingly inexpensive, and include a decorative certificate, a bottle of chilled champagne served on the beach ( up to 6 people) marriage officer and ceremony. Add cake, champagne or photography for a deluxe package. Call Joy or Peggy at Simply Weddings - Grand Cayman (345) 9499933 or email us at
Cruise wedding vow renewals also available.

Missouri Couple Enjoy Their Cayman Beach Wedding

Some couples book their Cayman cruise wedding over a year in advance, some like this Missouri couple, just a couple of weeks. We were happy we could accommodate them as we also had a Registry Office wedding booked today.

I am using this part of Governor's Beach more now for my morning weddings as it gets hotter, because of the welcome shade provided by the casuarina trees. Here you see the wedding party with the "best woman" and maid of honour.

Yes, here is the proof! After being together for 10 years, they tied the knot in Grand Cayman
while of a western Caribbean cruise which included Jamaica, the Cayman Islands, and Cozumel.

I'm glad they chose Cayman, the prettiest beach and the easiest island to get married on.

Weather-wise it was a perfect day for a wedding in the Cayman Islands. Everybody got lots of pictures of the pink sand and the turquoise water.

After the wedding we all had wedding cake from Faith Gealey-Brown's "Caykes" served on the beach before I took them back to the harbour to enjoy the shopping and the sites of our capital, George Town.

If you're thinking of a Destination Wedding in the Caribbean, or a wedding while on a cruise to the Western Caribbean, you're in good hands with Joy and Peggy of Simply Weddings - Grand Cayman Wedding Celebrants and Planners. We are an independent, family owned Caymanian business and we take the stress out of planning your simple, elegant but affordable Cayman wedding. Our vendors and our prices are simply the best, and we give you the personalised, friendly service that makes the Cayman Islands a preferred cruise destination.

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

International Flavour to this Cayman Islands beach wedding

This couple had been to Cayman many times before, in fact they visit every couple of weeks, so we had lots of time to talk with them about exactly what they wanted for their Cayman beach wedding.

The bride and groom work on one of the cruise ships which visit Cayman every couple of weeks.

The groom's parents are from the UK (the groom's aunt was also in attendance) and the bride's parents are from New Zealand, the guests who were mostly their colleagues from the cruise ship are from all over the world, making this a truly international celebration.

The wedding location was Governor's Beach. The limo picked up the bride and her parents at the cruise landing.

The large grouped clapped for the bride and her father as they walked to where the groom amd his parents waited.

The groom's family are Hindu, and the couple chose to use wedding vows based on the Seven Wedding Blessings. Another option would be to have someone, perhaps a family member read the seven wedding blessings of the Hindu marriage ceremony.

Popping the celebratory champagne. A group this size needed several bottles.

The whole group poses for the photographers, there was no shortage of people to take pictures

The bride carried a casual arrangement of calla lilies, and dendrobium orchids.

The wedding was followed by a wedding reception at Casanovas, a waterfront restaurant near the cruise landing

Wherever in the world you call home, welcome to the friendly Cayman Islands. Simply Weddings - Grand Cayman will take care of all your wedding services needs as soon as you set foot on Grand Cayman. Call Joy or Peggy at (345) 9499933 to book your Cayman Island wedding today.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Cayman Weddings Founders Celebrate 59 years of marriage

Between them they have officiated at over 6,000 weddings in the Cayman Islands. The company they founded 26 years ago still sets the standard for beautiful, meaningful wedding ceremonies "where the sun meets the sky, the sky meets the water, and the water meets the land." They are my parents, Vernon and Francine Jackson the founders of Cayman Weddings.

Vernon & Francine Jackson, the Cayman Islands' best known Marriage Officers, at their 59th wedding anniversary celebration last weekend.

Cutting the anniversary cake, after which everybody sang "Happy Anniversary Gammie and Gampie"

Of course they had to feed each other

With (most) of their grandchildren, grand nieces and nephews and their spouses or significant others

With their great-grandchildren and great- grand nieces

The matriarch and patriarch surrounded by all their family. Joy and Peggy of Simply Weddings are second and third from left respectively. The children's tea party was followed by a supper party for their friends, including several members of their original wedding party.

Coming to Grand Cayman to celebrate a special anniversary or vow renewal? Do you dream of a wedding on a tropical island? We are the Cayman Islands choice for simple, elegant, and personalised weddings and vow renewals. Call Joy or Peggy today to start planning your Cayman island wedding (345) 9499933 or email

Pictures by Dubadah Boldeau, cake by Miss Vivene's Cakes

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

This Cayman Island Wedding had it all!

Our wedding co-ordinator, Peggy Moorhead has been working with this bride for months. She was the second member of her immediate family to have a Destination Wedding in the Cayman Islands, as her older brother was married here 12 years ago.

Traveling by cruise-ship with family members, this couple wanted all the features of our popular All-inclusive Cayman wedding package, but upgraded to accommodate their family group.

This beautiful creamy white wedding gown was gorgeous against the pink sand of Seven Mile Beach

The bubbly bride was having a great time, she got lots of candid shots just having fun

The bride upgraded her tropical wedding bouquet to include roses and calla lilies

Fun and games opening the ice-cold champagne

Joy presents them with the cork, and a Cayman coin for luck and remembrance

The gang's all here, including grandma and grandpa

Special transportation arrangements included a luxury air-conditioned bus to take the group around and stay with them for three hours. Extra touches like this can make all the difference when there are older people in the wedding group. It also takes the stress out of having to worry about moving a group of people from point A to point B when traveling in a foreign country.
We guarantee a high standard of customer service from all our professional wedding service vendors, including in this case your friendly tour operator, Joselene.

Their expanded photo shoot was 2 hours long and included both My Secret Cove and Governor's Beach

We put together a new photography package which met their wish to have a beach wedding on Seven Mile Beach and the intimacy of My Secret Cove, with the texture provided by the ironshore rocks at this favourite wedding spot.

Having a ride on one of Cayman's most photographed Iguanas, the "wedding iguana" at Smith's Cove

You have to see Seven Mile Beach to believe it can actually be this peaceful, and this beautiful.

Let us know how Simply Weddings can tailor your Cayman wedding package to suit you. We specialise in personalised service to suit your wishes. Call Joy or Peggy today at (345) 9499933.

These fabulous images by Heather Holt Photography. One or two hour photography packages available.