Monday, July 27, 2009

Recession Proof your Cayman Islands Cruise Wedding

Summer is the time to get fabulous deals on cruise vacations. It is also the time to get a fabulous deal on your Cayman cruise wedding from Simply Weddings.

Grand Cayman is one of the most popular ports on the Western Caribbean cruise. Unlike other ports where a 24-hour residency or a blood-test is required, you can be married in Cayman within 0ne hour of disembarking your cruise ship.

All you need is a government licensed Civil Registrar of Marriages, or Marriage Officer, who will have done the advanced paperwork for your Special Marriage License. Then when I meet you, I get your original signatures and ship's cards, stop off at the marriage bureau and turn in the last part of the documentation and pick up the license, and continue on to the beach to perform your wedding ceremony.

A Cayman Islands marriage certificate is valid world-wide. Within two days of your ceremony, once I have filed your marriage with the Registrar of Marriages, I will send you your Registered
Marriage Certificate. You will recognise this document because it has 'secure copy' on the reverse, while the front of the certificate has all your details, a coloured watermark of the Cayman Islands Coat-of -Arms, and the raised seal of the Registrar General.

Our "no-frills Cayman wedding package" starts at $650 US and covers all the legal requirements of your Cayman Islands wedding. Don't want to spring for fresh flowers, bring your own silk flowers from home. We can work with your budget to ensure a memorable wedding day which you will always remember.

Whether you are coming as just a couple (we provide two witnesses as required by law) or a large group, let Simply Weddings take the stress out of your wedding day. Call today to plan your Cayman cruise wedding (345)9499933.

Recent cruise ship couple pose on the rocks near Smith's Cove, George Town. This popular spot is 2.5 miles away from the cruise ship terminal, which makes it very popular for Cayman cruise weddings and vow-renewals.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Caymanian Wedding in the Finest Tradition

I perform about 150 weddings every year, many of them for visitors and I normally wouldn't spend a lot of time with each couple. This young couple from West Bay was different, because I got to know them so by the time I did their wedding today I was really looking forward to it.

The groom travelled to the Phillipines to ask his bride's father for her hand in marriage. This is the traditional Caymanian way to pay respect to the bride and her family. When I was married, a long time ago, my fiance wrote a letter to my father to ask his consent. My son-in-law, just a few years ago also formally asked my husband for his daughter's hand in marriage.

In these modern times I think it is still admirable to maintain cultural traditions when it comes to marriage.

The groom waits for his bride to arrive

The Filipino tradition is for the bride to be accompanied by sponsors who stand in for her parents.

Both bride and groom had been involved in every aspect of their wedding ceremony, from choosing a special reading to writing their own vows, and this made the ceremony even more meaningful.
They chose to have a Unity Sand ceremony, with the mothers pouring the foundation of their Memory Vase. Since the bride's mother could not be present, a friend stood in for her and poured on her behalf.

The groom is so tall compared to his bride he got on his knees for the traditional "first kiss".
This beautiful dress was designed in the Phillipines by the bride's uncle and she did him proud in it.
The very happy newly-weds on Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman

Ceremony by Joy for Simply Weddings, flowers by Tricia's Roses, arrangements by Azuquitar,
official photographer by Bernardo Neri (these photos with my Olympus FE370) Video by Apex.
Reception followed at Champion House restaurant.

Cayman Island Wedding has a Facebook connection

More and more these days couples are telling me they met on the internet. This young entrepreneur and his pharmacist bride knew each other when they were teenagers, but lost touch over the years. Then she searched for him on Facebook, and they reconnected only to find out they were living only about 10 miles apart, in Arkansas.

We took them down to the Governor's beach and they found an Italian family who were happy to be their witnsses, and who videotaped their wedding so they could share it with family and friends at home.

Great sunset shot at the water's edge, Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman

With Joy for their "proof" shot

Ceremony by Joy for Cayman Weddings. Flowers and photos supplied. Call us for your Cayman connection to world class wedding vendors in Cayman, and to plan your own romantic wedding on one of the greatest beaches in the world. Call today, (345) 9499933.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Stingray City Boat Wedding for Paloma Couple in Grand Cayman

When I turned down a wedding in Little Cayman this weekend to do this wedding, little did I know there was a big Little Cayman connection here too.

This couple met on Little Cayman last November after Hurricane Paloma. The bride is from Saskatchewan, and the groom is from Wisconsin. He was part of a group of linemen sent over by our utility company, Caribbean Utilities, to restore the power to our sister island. They met, they clicked, the rest is history now.

Friends from Little Cayman, Caribbean Utilities and the "guys" teamed up with Captain Roger Parchment and Peacemaker Charters to make this a wedding to remember. We headed out to Stingray City on this 48'Pacemaker Custom Express, and it was a perfect day for a wedding.

Saying the "I Do's"

If you looked down into this crystal-clear turquoise water, you could see the stingrays all around the boat.
Sip, make a wish, and kiss - lots more champagne where this came from

The linemen line up to hoist the Bride on Kaibo beach

Joy, posing with two captains. These are both Capt. Marvin's grandsons, and you know I love Capt. Marvin (92 years) and consider him a Caymanian Icon.

The celebration continued with the Liquid Reception at the Kaibo, where much fun was had by all, marriage officer included.

Chocolate dipped strawberries (the food of love?) on the way back to George Town

The sun sets on another perfect day in the Cayman Islands

If you would like to be married at Stingray City, Grand Cayman, call me today for your custom wedding package, groups from 2 -62 people, not a problem. Your guarantee for a simple, elegant, personalised (and fun!) wedding in the Cayman Islands is Simply Weddings. Call (345) 9499933 or email

Friday, July 24, 2009

Fevi's Big Day

Many of my readers will remember wedding photographer extraordinaire, Fevi Yu. Many of her images appear on my earlier blogs. During the last year she has been pursuing other business interests in site-engine optimisation, web-marketing and website development with our company Cayman IPortals and its subsidiary E@sy Websites.

(She is now ready to go back to wedding photography in a limited way, and you can request her when you book your Cayman wedding package at Simply Weddings).

Today was a red-letter day for our company as Fevi made a presentation to the Cayman Islands Tourism Association, which was enthusiastically received. She really made site engine optimisation and other geekish things come alive for the uniniatiated.

Fevi at the Westin Casaurina after her CITA presentation

Fevi and Joy celebrating at Yoshi Sushi after the presentation

Yoshi Sushi is my favourite restaurant in Cayman, you have to experience it to believe how good it is.

You can book Fevi, or any of the excellent wedding photographers in the Cayman Islands by contacting Simply Weddings or going straight to their individual websites. Or, you can ask us for recommendations, and view samples of different photographer's work in our new George Town office, phone (345) 949-9933

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Seven Mile Beach is on Top 50 Honeymoon Beach List

Experiencing the sunset on Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman. Image by Patrick Groleau.

Earlier this month Martha Stewart Weddings released their list of the Top 50 beaches in the world for honeymoons. I was pleased to see that our own Seven Mile Beach made the list.

Seven Mile Beach at sunset, photo by Patrick Groleau

I actually like these pictures better than the one Martha uses, of the Ritz Carlton hotel. My clients always want a quiet beach, with as few people in the picture as possible. For the really deserted beaches, you need to visit the other end of the island, East End and North Side, although these are about an hour away from the capital.

Call us to book your own Cayman beach wedding at sunset (345)9499933, and see SimplyWedings for our Cayman wedding packages.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Really simple Cayman Wedding for West Virginia couple

This young couple are living and working on-island, and wanted the simplest of weddings. they will plan a celebration with famiy and friends at home in the DC area, later on. We had them come in to the Simply Weddings office at 3 p.m. when the office is officially closed. We could have done the ceremony outside under the palm trees in the garden, but it was much too hot.

Signing the Marriage Register

The marriage must be witnessed by two people, over 18 they are

The newly-weds with their "proof shot"

And now time for a glass of Simply Weddings Bubbly to get in the celebration mood.

Cayman Islands residents are reminded that their Banns of Marriage must be published for 7 clear days before they can be married. Call the Simply Weddings office at (345) 9499933 to make an appointment for your pre-Banns interview today. You can email us at to request the appropriate Notice of Marriage forms and a fact sheet for residents wishing to be married.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Cayman "Wedding-Moon" Rocks for Memphis Family

Today's wedding was delightful, and I had such a good time with this family from Memphis. (D sorry, but you look so good girlfriend, I couldn't leave you out of the pictures). I picked them up near the cruise landing, they were on a Carnival cruise out of Miami going to Cayman, Roatan, Belize and Cozumel. First we went to the Simply weddings office to finish off the paperwork, and then to Governor's beach for the wedding. I picked Governor's Beach because I thought the boys would enjoy that, and remember this special day for their parents in this special place.

Something Blue for this Memphis, Tennessee bride, helped by her mother-in-law

Mom is all ready, and will be escorted to the wedding by her teenage son

Posing with mommy on her wedding day

I was really impressed by these young boys, they were lovely, and a credit to their parents and grandmother. I enjoyed spending time with them, and later on took them to the supermarket so they could stock up on soft drinks and bottled water.

Mother and son on this happy day for the family, in the Cayman Islands

All ready for the big event, at Governor's Beach, Grand Cayman

Family group with Joy

Here is the requisite proof-shot with the Marriage Certificate

Sip and kiss, and make a wish while their son watches the proceedings

Bride poses with garter, the Groom must take it off with his teeth, according to our tradition

He's getting there, but he will be covered with sand when it's over

Success, one garter later!

I only do one cruise wedding per day so that I can enjoy quality time with my couples. For me, it's about ensuring that the Bride and Groom don't feel stressed, or rushed, and that their Cayman wedding is an experience they will always remember, and feel good about.

The Groom told me today, that the wedding was just what he envisioned, simple and meaningful. This is the highest praise one of my couples can give me, and yes, my new(ish) career gives me a lot of job satisfaction.

Call today to book your simple Cayman Cruise Wedding, barefoot on world famous Seven Mile Beach (345) 9499933 and see our website at

Monday, July 20, 2009

New York to Grand Cayman or vice versa is really easy

Last week I was on vacation in the USA visiting my daughter and having a quick trip to Atlantic City. So this blog entry is not about weddings, however, if you live on the east coast it is remarkably easy to fly to Cayman and have a simple wedding or vow renewal this summer.

The best part is that Cayman Airways offer a lot of specials such as the Kids Fly Free programme, which makes the Cayman Islands a quick and easy get away from JFK terminal one. You leave New York at 8:30am and by 11:30am you are in Cayman. This is the first time my husband and I took this flight, since normally we fly Continental into Newark, or we fly into Philadelphia, but we really wanted to try the Cayman Airways flight and we were not disappointed. The return flight gets you in to JFK at 9 pm but its summer so its still light.

The view of NYC and the riverwalk from our balcony

Sunday brunch with friends in Edison, NJ

Fantastic Malaysian meal with family in Hoboken, NJ

So, this is how I spent my summer vacation, eating fancy meals, shopping with my daughter and doing the kind of stuff that my US clients may take for granted, ie eating frozen custard on the boardwalk (first time), going to a farmer's market to get fresh corn, and everything else and then coming home and cooking up a storm. My daughter is a more inventive cook than I am, but when we're cooking together I like to experiment.

Yes, I got a new hat, No 52 I think it is. I gave a few to my sister, so my count might be off a bit.

I am looking forward to lots of weddings, starting with an all-inclusive cruise wedding tomorrow, which I plan to blog. Then of course the wedding in Montego Bay, Jamaica which I am really looking forward to (new hat etc.) and a couple of special resident weddings for people I consider friends.

If you are planning your own simple, but elegant Cayman Wedding, call me at (345)9499933 or email me at



Thursday, July 9, 2009

Thanks from Joy, and Simply Weddings...Grand Cayman

The new George Town office of Simply Weddings - Wedding Celebrants and Planners in the Cayman Islands opened at 306 North Church Street in the ERA Kirkconnell Realty Building on 1st June. I am overwhelmed with all the kind words and encouragement from our friends and industry partners in Grand Cayman. Our wedding vendors, those we have worked with for years, and our new wedding industry partners are simply, the best. We look forward to working with you for many years to come.

Notarial service and Justice of the Peace service available by appointment, please call first.

Joy relaxes after a wedding, at her new office in George Town,
in front of the Bridal Room, (flowers by Trisha's Roses)

Office Hours Monday - Friday, 9am - 3pm (after that we're probably doing weddings). Other times by appointment.

Phone (345) 949-9933 Fax: (345) 9499934 Cell: (345) 5256551 Email:

Follow "Joy of Weddings" on Twitter (haven't figured out how to put the icon on my blog yet)

Residents watch for information and new services at geared especially for you and thanks to our webmasters at (Fast, affordable, and effective, they deserve a special word of thanks from us.)

Irish Humanitarians Wed at Governor's Grand Cayman

One of the things I like most about our new Simply Weddings office is its proximity to Seven Mile Beach and the different options this gives our couples for wedding locations.

Today's couple hail from County Cork, Ireland they were visiting on a cruise which included Jamaica and Mexico. One of the reasons they chose Grand Cayman for their Destination Wedding was the ease of getting married here.

I took them down to Governor's Beach, one of the widest and prettiest parts of Seven Mile Beach. That time of morning it was virtually deserted. As usual I am impressed by the sanitarians from the Department of Environmental Health who keep Cayman's public beaches so spic and span. Such a small thing, perhaps, but our visitors never fail to be impressed, and to say so. This couple had a some special witnesses, a couple of Cayman parrots. It gave me the opportunity to tell them that the Cayman parrot is unique to these islands, and also our National Bird.

This is the part of the ceremony where I talk about the wedding rings.

The Cayman Islands Marriage Law requires two witnesses to the marriage. If you are traveling as a couple, with no guests, we can supply
the witnesses. Just remember to let us know so we can make arrangements, because we have to
get witnesses to come out specially.

Posing with Joy for the traditional "proof" shot, ie a copy of the Marriage Register

A Civil Registrar of Marriages in the Cayman Islands is required to give each couple a certified copy of their signed Marriage Register. I don't have to give them a nice, pretty one like this, but I prefer to. Once I register your marriage with the Registrar General I am also required to send you your Registered Marriage Certificate, this is your legal Marriage Certificate and it is recognised world-wide. The cost of the Registered Marriage Certificate is included in all the wedding packages at "Simply Weddings". Likewise, the cost of the Special Marriage License is included in all our packages.

Sealed with a kiss!

The newly married couple pose under a sea-grape tree.

After this I took them back to George Town so they could enjoy a nice wedding brunch and explore the town, before rejoining their ship. I recommended Guy Harvey's Island Grill upstairs the Aquaworld Duty Free Mall and overlooking George Town's picturesque harbour, because I like the food and the ambience.

Ceremony by Joy for Simply Weddings, your choice for a simple, elegant, personalised wedding in the Cayman Islands. Flowers by Trisha's Roses. Pictures by my Olympus FE370, please note that these are snap-shots and not pictures by a professional photographer. Many of our packages provide photographs by our excellent wedding photographers, please ask.

Call or email today for an application to book your own weddingmoon in the beautiful Cayman Islands. Call Simply Weddings at (345)9499933, fax (345)9499934 or email or visit our website at