Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Cayman "Wedding-Moon" Rocks for Memphis Family

Today's wedding was delightful, and I had such a good time with this family from Memphis. (D sorry, but you look so good girlfriend, I couldn't leave you out of the pictures). I picked them up near the cruise landing, they were on a Carnival cruise out of Miami going to Cayman, Roatan, Belize and Cozumel. First we went to the Simply weddings office to finish off the paperwork, and then to Governor's beach for the wedding. I picked Governor's Beach because I thought the boys would enjoy that, and remember this special day for their parents in this special place.

Something Blue for this Memphis, Tennessee bride, helped by her mother-in-law

Mom is all ready, and will be escorted to the wedding by her teenage son

Posing with mommy on her wedding day

I was really impressed by these young boys, they were lovely, and a credit to their parents and grandmother. I enjoyed spending time with them, and later on took them to the supermarket so they could stock up on soft drinks and bottled water.

Mother and son on this happy day for the family, in the Cayman Islands

All ready for the big event, at Governor's Beach, Grand Cayman

Family group with Joy

Here is the requisite proof-shot with the Marriage Certificate

Sip and kiss, and make a wish while their son watches the proceedings

Bride poses with garter, the Groom must take it off with his teeth, according to our tradition

He's getting there, but he will be covered with sand when it's over

Success, one garter later!

I only do one cruise wedding per day so that I can enjoy quality time with my couples. For me, it's about ensuring that the Bride and Groom don't feel stressed, or rushed, and that their Cayman wedding is an experience they will always remember, and feel good about.

The Groom told me today, that the wedding was just what he envisioned, simple and meaningful. This is the highest praise one of my couples can give me, and yes, my new(ish) career gives me a lot of job satisfaction.

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I am a very happy groom and I also have a very happy bride and it is all because of Joy Basdeo and her lovely assistant Peggy. When we arrived in Cayman everything went off without a hitch. Joy was very helpful in working with us over a period of months through e-mails and phone calls. She really made us feel comfortable with the planning of our special day. Everything was so personal and relaxing. I would reccomend Simply Weddings to anyone that is getting married in Grand Cayman Islands. After wrestling with Carnival about their ungodly prices for a simple wedding I was glad to find Joy. Just wanted to throw in that Carnival had five weddings that day and they did them all together so I would have been pissed if I had to share my special day with four other couples. So don't trust the cruise ship weddings but you can trust Joy of Simply Weddings to keep things honest and straight foward. My bride was very happy and all she kept saying was "This is the best day of my life." And from the grooms point of view it was well worth it having a happy non-complaining bride for the remainder of the cruise. You go Joy!!!!! keep up the beautiful work that you do and my family and I will never forget you or The Cayman Islands.

The Joy of Weddings said...

Thank you for your kind words R. Tell T. she can relax, her property will soon be on it's way back to her. I had a great time with you guys, and I wish you all the best. Say hi to your mom, I hope she forgives me the pictures, but I couldn't do the write-up without including her.