Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sunday Afternoon Wedding, Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman

I don't do many Sunday afternoon weddings, but I will do them when required. There is a surcharge for Sunday weddings.

This couple were staying at the Ritz Carlton, together with their witnesses. We took them down to Mary Molly Hydes beach, as this part of Seven Mile Beach is likely to have less people on a Sunday afternoon.

This week we have had several enquires about the location of our office, especially from stay-over guests. We are located at 306 North Church Street in George Town (in the ERA Kirkconnell Realty Building). We are about one block away from The Wharf Restaurant, one of Cayman's excellent restaurants and a good spot for a wedding since it has its own private beach.

We are an independent, full service wedding services vendor in the Cayman Islands, specialising in simple, personalised wedding ceremonies for cruise and stay-over visitors at hotels and condos in the Cayman Islands. Call today at (345)9499933 or (345) 5256551


Anonymous said...

Hi, Joy. We're on Grand Cayman again and wanted to return to the beach where we got married. I googled the beach and found your website and our pictures! We returned to the beach today and swam (which we couldn't do on our wedding day). Thanks again for a lovely day and wonderful wedding ceremony.
Karen and Ted

The Joy of Weddings said...

Dear Karen and Ted,

It was lovely of you to say hi. While this beach is officially the West Bay Public beach, we began calling it Blue Water Beach a few years ago to distinguish it from the other public beach up near Calico Jack's.

I hope you have a great Pirates Week! Come back often.