Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Daniels Family Hosts a Grand Cayman Wedding

This was the scene for today's wedding, the very popular Rum Point Club in North Side. The Rum Point Club is a Caymanian institution, especially for a Sunday afternoon at the beach. The catamaran pictured runs across the North Sound to Safehaven. If you're staying in George Town this is a great way to enjoy dining at Rum Point without having to drive for an hour.

Photo by Chris 'George' James

The Rum Point Club is so popular with the Daniels family, that son Chris chose it for the spot for his wedding today. Paula, his bride said she wanted water on both sides as they said the vows they had composed for each other.

The bride and groom get ready for their wedding on the Rum Point pier

John & Wendy Daniels with the newly-weds

Surrounded by family and friends

Joy congratulates the couple, and announces them to the gathering as Mr & Mrs

This is Evan Daniels, self-portrait.

Evan was my photographer for the event. He was also the ring-bearer and one of the readers (together with Chad, and Wendy) for the wedding ceremony.
Evan & Chad read "Happiness in Marriage" and Wendy read "Blessing for a Marriage."

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