Thursday, August 5, 2010

Our 100th Wedding in 2010, at MSC of course!

Today was a scorcher, it was 90F by 8:30 a.m. when I picked up this couple from Chicago, and their witnesses who came in on one of the Carnival ships. They chose My Secret Cove for their wedding spot, and I was happy for this, because little did they know, but they were our 100th wedding couple for 2010 and we added complimentary champagne served chilled on the beach, to make their wedding even more special.

With their Certificate of Marriage, after the ceremony

Of course, we had to have the "We did it!' shot

This table set-up comes with all our wedding packages (flowers supplied by Bride)

Champagne kisses!

The did the "Champagne Ceremony" my couples are familiar with. Link your arms, take a sip, close your eyes and make a wish, and then kiss.

Searching for the champagne cork, good thing the best-man could swim

Traditionally it is the Best-man's responsibility to secure the cork, once the Groom has opened the champagne. This can provide a lot of hilarity, as this did, because the Groom shot the cork into the water and the Best-man swam out to get it! Not to be out-done the Bride and Groom jumped in too, and I'm sure they got some great shots of this part of the event.

The newly-weds cool off in the water at My Secret Cove

After the ceremony the four of them headed down to the Tiki Beach Club on Seven Mile Beach for snorkling and celebrations before heading back to their ship.

You have lots of time to enjoy the town, or take in an activity like snorkeling in the crystal clear water of Grand Cayman. Ask us about ways to enjoy your George Town, Grand Cayman visit and see our page "Simply Weddings Recommends."

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